Coconuts 52

Art by John Moore.

Coconuts is a second-generation Badnik. This robotic monkey can be mischievous and cunning, tending to hide in trees and other high places whilst throwing coconut-shaped grenades at targets.

There are actually three major designs of Coconuts:

  • Kid Cruel owned a different model of Coconuts, specifically designed to use the children of Forest Hills as an organic battery. Blie in colour and not confined to trees, these were also rigged to self-destruct if they were touched.

Coconuts were soon phased out, replaced in the games by Monkey Dude. Later entries would see Kiki Badniks take up the same role, although these weren't confined to trees and threw actual bombs.

The monkey Badniks were referenced much later in Sonic the Comic Online. During the New Robotnik Empire's invasion of Mobius, Robotnik used them to cut off the Jungle Zone. This was mentioned as a part of Robotnik's "long-winded" speech and were not shown.


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