A rare view of the complete coach. Art by Anthony Williams and Brian Williamson.

Coach Brikka is the manager of the Midway Monsters in the Mutant League. He is regarded as one of the best coaches in the game and is considered to be the brains behind the Monsters' success. His signature celebration of a win is to launch his head from his neck. Brikka's knowledge of tactics became the target of a plot to take over the world.


Wishing to end the Midway Monsters' domination of Mutant League Football and potentially take over the world, Zalgor Prigg hired scientist Doctor Wizz to come up with a way to use Brikka's knowledge to his benefit. The result was the Stunticombinaconaformabot, a giant robot designed to dominate matches. For it to work, the mecha required to be fed information from a knowledgable source, namely Brikka's brain. K.T. Slayer was also drafted to be the one to obtain and deliver the head of Brikka to Toxicon headquarters.

During the Super Bowel XXIV, the Monsters were beating rivals, the Slaycity Slayers, by the end of the third quarter. Slayer enlisted the help of the Dukes of Biohazard, who donated a Slice of Puke to Brikka. This doctored junk food was so hot that Brikka's head blew off and caused him to spout a string of insults at his team. Slayer caught the head and a frantic attempt to retrive it began. The Monsters, teaming up with Brenda Brikka (his daughter) and The Razor Kid, navigated an army of mercenaries, a giant grunt and even the Winter Olympics, eventually stopping K.T. at Toxicon. Here, Prigg double-crossed Slayer and kept the head for himself. With the Monsters' help, Slayer stole the head back and proposed a play-off match for Brikka's head and Brenda's hand in marriage. All this time, Brikka continued to reel off a number of choice words for both his team and his captor.

In preparation for the match, Doctor Wizz used Brikka's head to feed the Stunticombinaconaformabot with tactics and plays. Brikka's head was then placed in the trophy and was eventually claimed by the successful monsters. Even when Grim returned the head to Brikka's shoulders, the coach still did not have a nice word to say about his team, bemoaning the length of time it took them.


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