Art by Ferran Rodriguez.

Clucker is a chicken-shaped robotic gun turret. These Badniks were stationed aboard the Wing Fortress and fired egg-shaped cannon shells at enemies. They were fixed in place and could not move. Sonic the Hedgehog believed them to be so insignificant that he chose not to destroy one on his second visit, leaving it alone on the ship for several years.

When the Wing Fortress was reintroduced as part of the New Robotnik Empire, Cluckers were once again used to guard the ship. This time, Sonic took the time to smash any models he found. In doing so, Tails discovered the wreckage and realised that it was an old model, suggesting that things were going too well.


Cluckers are based on the Badniks of the same name from Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

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