Art by Carl Flint and Gina Hart

Clive the Donkey (also known as Clive the Village Wimp) is a resident of the Wood Village Zone. For a short time, Clive posed as a Trooper to scare his fellow citizens until he was caught by Tails and, subsequently, by a squad of real Troopers.


For some time, Clive had been bullied by the other residents, being called a wimp for being interested in technology instead of sport. Fed up with this treatment, the genius decided to teach them a lesson. The donkey salvaged parts of an old Trooper destroyed by Sonic the Hedgehog and pieced it back together. He then climbed in the suit and started terrorising his town. This involved knocking on random doors and demanding extra "taxes". Before long, everyone was terrified of this threat but were powerless to stop the Trooper taking their money.

After some persistent nagging from wife Mildred, resident George used his contacts to put "word on the street" about the troublesome, hoping that Sonic or Shortfuse the Cybernik would come to their rescue. They were initially disappointed that it was Tails who answered their call, but decided that "he'll do". Still in his Trooper suit, Clive decided to run away rather than fight Tails, heading straight into the forest. Unfortunately, he stumbled into a squad of real Troopers and ran away. This sent him right back into the path of Tails. The frightened donkey tried to defend himself by throwing a rock, but Tails eventually smashed the Badnik open. Clive explained his actions but was cut short when the real Troopers caught up and trapped both Mobians in a Web-weapon net.

On their way to the Trooper transport ship, Clive apologised for his actions. Inside, Clive felt uneasy that Tails was always being captured but wished to help the hero, pulling a screwdriver out and opening the electronics panel. Before long, Clive had managed to cut the power to the electronic cuffs holding them, but also shut down the whole ship in midair! Tails managed to grab hold of him and fly him away from the crash and the pair evaded an attack from a stray Trooper.

Back in the village, after promising Tails that he'd pay back the money he took, Clive was given a hero's welcome in the Wood Village Zone when Tails explained how the technology buff saved the fox. The crowd applauded his actions and George shook his hand.


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