Art by Andy Pritchett and John M Burns

Citizen Two (real name unknown) is the codename given to a badger from an unnamed Zone. After being sucked through a portal into the Zone of "Perfection" (actually a cloaked Citizen One), the badger was brainwashed and became a leader of sorts to the other residents.


For a few days, Citizen Two lived peacefully in Perfection, happily counting the clouds and watching the grass grow. His time there was shaken up by the sudden appearance of Sonic the Hedgehog, also sucked through the portal. The badger attempted to make the experience pleasant for the new arrival, introducing him to the Zone and his new uniform. Sonic attempted to escape but Citizen Two persisted, explaining that he was one of the missing people Sonic was searching for before his arrival here. After Sonic's tangle with The Guardian, Citizen Two was ordered to bring Sonic in for brainwashing.

With Sonic's independence seemingly eradicated, Citizen Two took him on a tour of the Zone and revealed their daily duties. However, upon Sonic asking a forbidden question, Citizen Two realised that the brainwashing machine had not worked and ordered Sonic not to escape. Even when Sonic was able to break through the stone barrier, the badger was reluctant to leave such a nice place, even if there wasn't a forcefield preventing escape. Sonic destroyed the shield, revealing Citizen One to be a computer program. Citizen Two initially did not believe this and shielded his eyes, believing himself to be unworthy of gazing into Citizen One's vision. However, once the Zone explained that he had brought the badger and the others here for company, the citizen understood and presumably returned home.


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