Citizen One is the name a highly advanced computer program gives himself, upon becoming the leader, founder and the Zone of Perfection itself. Citizen One's defining trait is his ability to create massive, solid light holograms. Originally created by Dr Robotnik, Citizen One was abandoned by his master when Robotnik learned that the program's only desire was to create a happy Zone. He eventually ended up in a barren, arid region of Mobius, and soon found himself unbearably lonely. The program quickly formed himself into a 'perfect' Zone which he could control and reshape at will, and began abducting people from outside Zones. Establishing himself as Citizen One, the program brainwashed the Zone's new residents, sapping away their free will and giving them numbered identities. Sonic the Hedgehog, investigating the disappearances would have gone the same way, had the brainwashing process worked on him. Citizen One sought to prevent Sonic's escape with a force field, designed to repel the hedgehog's Spin Attack. Sonic was able to break through the barrier with his new Blast Attack however, doing just enough damage to disrupt the holographic Zone, at which point Citizen One revealed himself to Sonic and the terrified citizens. After listening to the program's story, Sonic decided Citizen One didn't intend to do any harm, but advised him to create a Zone people would willingly visit. Liking the idea, Citizen One rearranged his pixels to create a theme park, which was soon bustling with people.

Citizen One has not been seen since.

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