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Art by Nigel Kitching

Chuck D. Head is a reanimated corpse from the Decap Attack series in Sonic the Comic. Before he died, Chuck was a double-glazing salesman working in Transylvania who was invited into Castle Frank N. Stein by Igor, where he was then killed. Some experiments by Professor Frank N. Stein later, the majority of Chuck's brain was stuffed into a corpse (the rest was placed in a skull called Head) and revived in a thunderstorm. An accident involving Igor, a raised bench and the vengeful friends of murdered Kevin the Bat saw Chuck seemingly lose his head, but it had merely been squashed down into his torso. To address this imbalanace, Head was placed on Chuck's shoulders.


Early days

Chuck was created by Frank both as an experiment and in an attempt to raise a son. Chuck was less than pleased to discover he was a stitched-together corpse, but was interrupted when Max D. Cap rose from Hell to demand an army of the undead. Chuck immediately attempted to defend his new home but was knocked off the castle by Bullhead, losing him one of his three hearts. Informed that he needs regular shock therapy to stay alive, Chuck made his way through the castle back to the top but got continuously lost and even lost another heart when a bomb exploded on his shoulders. A final showdown between Chuck and Max wasn't enough for the demon to return home, but a Blockbusters contestant created in the Clone-O-Matic with Head's DNA was.

Chuck later found out that it was Igor who had killed him and put him in this position. Police officer Detective Case arrived at Castle Frank N. Stein to solve the murder inquiry, but Igor tricked him into thinking that Chuck had killed the salesman. Although Chuck attempted to plead innocence, Case pulled out his gun and the pair began a chase through the castle, only ended when a sewer monster frightened Case away and Chuck was eaten. The corpse was vomited back up in time to attack Igor and Case. Not much sooner had Case been disposed of did new creation Boris threaten Chuck's life in the castle. Deciding that only one monster was necessary, Frank allowed the pair to battle and Chuck was almost thrown from the castle before Frank informed Boris that would have to stay here forever. Not wanting that, Boris jumped off the castle wall and starred on The Gladiators.

Some months later, Chuck was entered into the Monster of the Year award ceremony. After a fight between himself and two other contestants, Chuck won the man-made category by virtue of being the only one left. In the final against the other monsters, Chuck and Head had an aggressive and emotional break-up, which led to Head being the one that won the Golden Fang award. Chuck attempted to reconcile, but the power-crazed Head refused and had Chuck banished from the castle. Alone, he attempted to make do by stealing heads from snowmen to act as a new Head, but they would always melt. Another failed attempt to return to the castle failed, but Chuck was later invited back to help deal with the menace of Head's nanny. Although the attempt to defeat her failed, he was now welcomed home and Frank even created Daphne, a bride for Chuck, unaware he had used a werewolf brain.

Hell and Back Again

Chuck continued to serve his master, helping out in the laboratory and stopped Timothy Twitch from gaining the legendary hat of Mr Cuddle Bunny. However, during a bout of illness, Chuck was pronounced dead and was sent to Hell. The foursome attempted to defuse the situation but only got Chuck into another fight with Max D. Cap. Chuck was eventually allowed home when the Thin Controller was more interested in marrying Frank. His return home was short-lived; demons arrived to prepare the castle for demon habituation and knocked out many supporting walls. Only one was left when the demons decided to leave and Chuck happened to lean on it, levelling the castle. Chuck and Head spent the next fortnight at Bide-A-Wee, a B&B where owners The Snagsbys didn't want anybody to leave. Head deduced that their hosts were trying to kill them, but Chuck angrily snapped that Head always saw the worst in people.

Many months passed with Chuck often being the butt of bad events, usually caused by Igor. He was attacked by dentist Nerys H. Aboristwith when she mistook Castle Frank N. Stein for the home of Lord Wobblebury and he was ousted as a monster in front of monster hunter Colonel Boldwig-Smythe. He was later recommended to the TFB, a bank renowned for rough tactics, where he was beaten by his debt collectors. Chuck finally found love in blind librarian Dorothy, but Igor put paid to that by giving her stronger glasses. Shortly after his 5th birthday, a botched experiment saw Chuck become Decap-Man, a superhero capable of defeating the planet's worst criminals. Just when it seems that he can't be beaten, Chuck is somehow captured by the mysterious Mystery Man (man of mysterious mystery) and is brainwashed into becoming his slave. It soon transpires that it was all a dream and Frank's experiment merely knocked him out.

Sonic the Comic Online

Sonic the Comic Online saw Chuck return while washing his bandages, turning them pink when he finds Frank's red thong in the wash. Pulling Head from his addiction to Facebook, Chuck explores the lower basement of the castle and encounters his twin brother from an alternate future.


  • Chuck's life before being revived is unclear. He briefly remembers dying by stepping on a landmine, but he later discovers he was a double-glazing salesman killed by Igor.
  • Chuck and Head dressed up as Apollo 11 for Frank's fancy dress party, with Head acting as the lunar module.
  • Stinky Bates, a prefect who bullied Stein at school, has a passing resemblance to Chuck, particularly with Pongo riding on his back.
  • He has been attacked by vampires on two occasions. He was bitten in his first story but killed the vampire with his purple blood. A later trip to the dungeon was safe thanks to having previously eaten garlic.
  • Chuck's birthday is unclear. Boris & The Book makes out that his birthday is around the 12th November, but his 5th birthday is revealed to be on the 20th May. Worst still, he was actually created in Issue 10, which came out in October.
  • He was seen without his bandages in Rooms. Igor remarked that it looked like the pumpelkins had returned.


Chuck D. Head has appeared in every single Decap Attack story. He was originally featured in the Decap Attack video game as the main character.