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Chuck's Savings is a complete Decap Attack story in Issue 120 of Sonic the Comic.



The doorbell rings at Castle Frank N. Stein and Igor is made to answer it. Mr Lowe and Klaus from the Transylvanian Friendly Bank are here to see Chuck D. Head and Klaus' first action is to punch Chuck in the face. They are here to talk about the money Chuck owes him, leading a furious Chuck to demand an explanation. Klaus provides the "explanation", by throwing a brick, a vase, a television, a pineapple, some dumbbells, a bell, the USS Enterprise, a pig (the last four accompanied by appropriate sound effects and facial changes) and even a kitchen sink at him. After the violence, Chuck asks how his account is "in the red", since he opened it only twenty minutes ago. Mr Lowe reels off all the fees associated with opening an account, but Chuck retaliates with the TFB's advert stating that customers get free money for signing up. Mr Lowe states they simply lie to customers whilst Klaus roughs Chuck up some more.

Meanwhile, Professor Frank N. Stein realises that Igor has signed Chuck up to the "most feared money men in the banking underworld. Mr Lowe provides an offer; promise to pay all the debts by tomorrow morning or Chuck's body will be sold for medical experimentation. Unreasonably happy about this, Chuck signs the form and the debt collectors leave. Igor begins laughing hysterically about Chuck's prospects until Chuck reveals that he signed Igor's name on the form. As Igor howls in despair, Mr Lowe and Klaus prepare to rough up an old lady who borrowed 50p to eat for the week.


  • Igor's name was signed on the form, suggesting he will have to pay up to avoid medical experimentation. However, Chuck's account is still in his name, meaning that he is still the one in debt.


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