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Chrysalis is a butterfly and Special Zone immigrant, and works as a fashion consultant. She's a good friend of Amy Rose and the two eat regularly at Buddy's Bistro.

She was first called in to suggest a makeover for Sonic the Hedgehog (who mistook her for a member of The Family) so he could improve his image. Sonic was having none of it.

After Sonic was believed to have turned evil, Chrysalis tried to cheer up a despondent Amy. The heroine would get out of her funk while Chrysalis spent ages trying to explain how you make a coffee to Big the Cat.

When Doctor Robotnik declared war, she continued her association with the Freedom Fighters: she gave Pippa a makeover on her visit to Mobius, and has also befriended Holly Thumpfoot from The Ultimax. Sadly, she's also a fan of Fabian Vane...



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