Chopper 03

Cover of Issue 3, art by Ferran Rodriguez.

Chopper is a first-generation Badnik created by Doctor Robotnik. It is based on a piranha fish and as such is water-based. These robots were often deployed in the lakes and rivers of the Green Hill Zone and could even swim up waterfalls. They liked to lurk beneath bridges and leap out and bite anyone who dared to pass over.

Choppers are based on the enemies of the same name from the Sonic the Hedgehog video game and made their first Sonic the Comic appearance in Issue 2, although the Choppers there were blue rather than the standard red and yellow. They later returned as part of the outdated Green Hill Badnik army who were thrashed by the Palmtree Panic Zone models. Parts of wounded Choppers were used in designs for The Seven Badniks, with "Choppalien" the only obvious one to contain Chopper bits.