A typical "chirp" by Cream the Rabbit.

Chirpafriend is a social networking website on Mobius. Like Mewtube and Facebark, Chirpafriend allows users to chat to each on The Internet and keep track of what others are doing. The service appears to be similar to Planet Earth's Twitter.

Cream the Rabbit was an avid user of Chirpafriend (under the handle of "Creamabit"), using Cheese the Chao as her display picture. With this, Cream often "chirped" her followers, "chirping" about her dream to befriend Sonic the Hedgehog and her new career with the Sky Pirates. However, when a Metropolis Zone law firm began monitoring Cream's "chirps" and discovered that the Sky Pirates were involved in piracy, they sent them a cease-and-desist letter. Learning that Cream was to blame, Captain Plunder seized her Strawberry telephone and threw it away, ending her obsession with Chirpafriend.


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