A Chicago street. Art by Jon Haward.

Chicago is a city in the United States, Earth.

In the 1920s, organised crime was at its peak. Prohibition was (barely) being enforced and speakeasies were appearing all over the city to provide an alternative. Gangs had even more authority than the police, with crime bosses almost untouchable. Mr Tagliani was one such criminal, extending his reach across the city. Larcen Tyler once worked for him, until Tagliani killed him by tricking the cat-burglar into delivering a time bomb to the chief of police.

After being resurrected by The Eternal Champion and completing his first mission in Nakano Industries, Tyler was returned to his own time and was forced to live in complete isolation. Hiding in a small apartment, Tyler continued to carry out small paid jobs, such as retrieving documents from White Orchid's office. The mysterious new crime boss turned out to be Shadow Yamoto, running an operation with orders from the Eternal Champion. Both heroes were double-crossed by Tagliani and strapped into a car filled with dynamite. They managed to escape, barely, and Tyler produced the documents that would ensure Tagliani's arrest and the fall of organised crime in Chicago.


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