The outside of a polluted Chemical Plant. Art by Roberto Corona.

The Chemical Plant Zone is a large industrial Zone. During the RBR era, it played a huge role in the pollution of Mobius and was also the sole producer of Mega Mack, the chemical designed to kill Sonic the Hedgehog.


The factories of the Zone were built directly next to the Emerald Hill Zone so that Doctor Robotnik could use the Emerald Hill folk as slave labourers. In the six months that Sonic was stuck in the Special Zone, Robotnik would assign severe work duties to the population which would completely exhaust the workers. Many were punished by the numerous Trooper guards for giving up. The Zone was eventually liberated by Sonic when he returned and infiltrated the base as Bob Beaky. Unbeknownst to him, the Zone was also the home of a former scientist who had turned into the monster Megatox. While leading his friends home, Sonic was forced to fight the Mega Mack abomination and defeated it by spreading him across part of the Emerald Hill.

Despite this, the Zone continued to be a prime location for poverty and pollution once it began to be managed by Nutzan Bolt. In revenge for Sonic's constant victories, Robotnik planned to destroy the Emerald Hill Zone by breaking one of the Chemical Plant's walls and allowing the sludge to infect the area. A mission involving Sonic and Tails went slightly wrong and the fox joined up with The Flock to stop this travesty happening. A success (down to pure luck) for Tails angered Nutzan and came down hard on all remaining citizens, forcing them to all hide out underground as the pollution increased. The inhabitants blamed Tails for his heroics and planned to kill him. However, with the help of Sab and Sol Furic, Tails found Nutzan's new Ice Palace and defeated him for good. With the Zone now safe, the locals relented and Tails was a hero once more.

In retaliation for being placed into a Cybernik shell, Shortfuse the Cybernik decided to destroy one of the Chemical Plant Zone's factories, a major blow for Robotnik. Shortfuse achieved this by rescuing gadgeteer Tekno the Canary from a Badnik Processing Plant and asked her to make a bomb. The mission to plant it went wrong when Metamorphia intervened and stopped Shortfuse from evading the blast. As the beast took Tekno to the Citadel Robotnik, Shortfuse was caught in the explosion and sank to the bottom of the ocean. Fortunately, his life-support held out long enough for him to use his jet-boots to escape. On hearing of the destruction, Robotnik took away Metamorphia's powers and turned her into a Badnik.

The Zone was the location of Robotnikcon One, a mass-volunteer Badnik Processing Plant disguised as a convention forcing people to attend and donate their life-savings. Before too many people could be turned into Badniks, the Freedom Fighters arrived and destroyed the centre. The Zone is also home to a kindly bear biologist who confirmed that another version of Sonic was actually Sonic from the future. However, it later transpired that he was just a clone who had aged too quickly.

Towards the end of Robotnik's reign on Mobius, the Freedom Fighters (minus Sonic but with Shortfuse) took a trip to the Zone and discovered that slaves were still being used, forced to create poisonous Toxo Cubes. Upon seeing that Vermin the Cybernik was leading the operation, Shortfuse disobeyed orders and fought in a rematch between the two, completely ignoring that Johnny Lightfoot was about to die. Tails eventually managed to break free from his captor and saved the rabbit seconds before death and Shortfuse was booted from the team.

Free Mobius

When Robotnik was defeated in Issue 100, many of his businesses were taken over by legitimate businessmen. The Chemical Plant Zone was left abandoned for a while, but Mega Mack was still leaking into the rivers and even managed to mutate vegetables grown in the Plowright Zone. Although it was said to have been closed down and that a cleanup operation was underway, the Zone was later bought by the Marxio Brothers, a comical trio of otherworlders who had previously worked for Doctor Robotnik. Things soon got out of hand when Megatox returned in a bid to destroy the Emerald Hill Zone. The Marxios called in Sonic and Tails who barely managed to sort out the problem and were left confused as to who the planet's real villains were.

The Chemical Plant Zone was seen in a flashback as one of Robotnik's main bases and the source of a mock Kinetic Gyratosphere that would grant him Sonic's powers. An accident involving Amy Rose saw her gain extra powers (or, at least, the colour pink) and left Robotnik furious once again.

Sonic the Comic Online

Sonic returned to the Chemical Plant Zone when he learned that Mega Mack was being used in bombs as a bargaining chip to rule the world. When Sonic discovered the villain was actually an imposter of himself (later revealed to be Neo Metallix under control of Grimer), the Zone was the first place he visited to learn the truth. By dangling Grouchio Marxio over a pit of Mega Mack, he was told that Mega Mack had been going missing on the black market and he should make a call to Max Gamble.

The Zone was one of many locations joining in The Battle For Mobius. Still under ownership of the Marxios, the former Flock resistance group had signed up as soldiers for the Zone and were mobilised to protect the area from incoming Badniks.



These Badniks have been seen in the Chemical Plant Zone:


  • For some reason, the Chemical Plant Zone is still creating Mega Mack, despite it being invented solely as a weapon to kill Sonic. Since it has been sold elsewhere, it suggests that there is another use for the sludge and has been traded by The Family, according to Percival James Kane.


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