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Art by Richard Elson

Charmy Bee is a recurring character in Sonic the Comic and Sonic the Comic Online. Charmy is a member of the Chaotix Crew and is a prince of The Hive, being the son of the Queen Bee.


Perhaps the most useless member, Charmy occasionally did come in handy by being able to fly, often catching his friends if they had fallen off a building. Charmy also has a stinger but, if like real bees, it is likely that using it would be suicide for him. Instead, Charmy often annoys the other three members with incessant singing and a need to talk nonsensically all the time.


It is unknown exactly when Charmy left The Hive and reneged on his royal duties. The bee was presumably contacted by the Omni-Viewer who wished to form a team ready to dispose of Doctor Robotnik's influence in the Special Zone. Thus, Chaotix was born.

Charmy still had a close relationship with The Hive even after he left, being able to borrow dozens of worker bees to save Chaotix from The Fundamental Four. However, he was later summoned home where he would remain forever, carrying out his royal responsibilities. After bringing Sonic the Hedgehog with him, his friend saving The Hive from Vesper's wasp attack, Charmy was allowed to return back home to Chaotix.

As well as several more adventures with Chaotix, Charmy also visited Mobius on a couple of occasions to help out. On a whim, he happened to visit Sonic while fighting Metal Mate, a robot badly-designed by Max Gamble. Using his flying prowess, Charmy was able to dispose of a plutonium bomb set to explode. He would later respond to a call for help from Tails, the two aiding each other in the final collapse of D.R.A.T..

Later, Chaotix were attacked by the Crimson Cobra. Charmy was subjected to the brain-scrambler, but he did not get aggressive like his colleagues. Instead, in his insanity, Charmy bought out Crimson Cobra Inc. with his immense wealth, ending the crime-lord's threat.


  • When Charmy Bee returned to SEGA games, his personality had become very similar to his STC counterpart.
  • Charmy has often been mispelled Charmee, right up to his final appearance in the print comic.
  • STC-O gave Charmy a redesign, dressing him in the orange jacket worn in Sonic games.


Charmy has appeared irregularly, ever since the release of Knuckles' Chaotix.

Issues Story
Issue 53 to Issue 58 Total Chaotix
Issue 67 to Issue 72 The Return of Chaotix
Issue 76 The Big Decision
Knuckles Knock-Out Special Traitor of the Lost Pyramid
Issue 80 to Issue 81 The Fundamental Four
Issue 84 to Issue 86 Heroes & Villains
Issue 88 The Ultimate Nightmare
Issue 89 to Issue 90 The Tomb
Issue 91 to Issue 92 The Hive
Issue 93 A Christmas Wish
Issue 94 Eve of Destruction
Issue 97 to Issue 99 Doomsday
Issue 97 Victims
Issue 100 The Final Victory (Part 1)
Issue 121 Bee Prepared
Issue 121 to Issue 124 On The Run
Issue 134 Back in the Special Zone
Issue 135 to Issue 138 Roots
Issue 149 Forbidden Island
Issue 152 to Issue 154 Crimson Cobra Strikes

Sonic the Comic Online

Charmy made a return in Sonic the Comic Online, reprising his role in the original comics. After the destruction of the Special Zone, his entire family was killed.

Issue Story
Issue 232 Something Wicked This Way Comes
Issue 233 Fate of the Special Zone
Issue 237 Vendettas
Issue 238 The Sky Is Falling
Issue 239 The Inside Story
Issue 242 In Cold Blood
Issue 243 The Debt Collectors
Sonic the Poster Mag 2007 The Night Before Christmas
15th Anniversary Special The Elephant in the Room
Hallowe'en Special Rooms
Issue 250 The Battle for Mobius
Christmas Special 2012 The Christmas Shift
Issue 261 To the Hero of Mobius
Issue 263 Assault on Flickies' Island




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