Charles Ellis is a writer, letterer, and former editor for Sonic the Comic Online.


Before joining the STC-O team as an editor, Ellis appeared in the comic via the Issue 226 edition of Speedlines.

Eight issues later, Ellis became the fourth active member of the editorial team, taking the role of a full editor along with Ed Reynolds and Mike Corker. The following issue would see him become the sole lead editor, with Reynolds and Corker taking up 'Supervising Editor' roles. During Ellis' tenure, he oversaw the latter half of the Sonic Adventure 2 story arc, the introduction of The Family and Sonic the Hedgehog's fall from grace, among many other long-running concepts.

Ellis' time as editor coincided with the comic's hiatus in 2006-07. Additionally, Ellis was sometimes accused of being antagonistic in the defense of controversial plot points in the Message Zone, often manifesting in small arguments with various members of the community. Overall, Ellis' tenure was well-received and he was congratulated when he stepped down after six years in charge of the comic. Artist Stiv was named as Charles' successor and the two shared editorial duties for Issue 253, the edition that proved to be Ellis' last in charge.

Writing and Lettering

From his first issue as editor, Ellis began to contribute lettering for certain strips, becoming the comic's most prolific letterer. His first effort was the Sonic the Hedgehog story "Genesis" and he continues lettering to this day.




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