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The Chaotix Crew are a team of heroes who operate in the Special Zone. Originally assembled by the Omni-Viewer in order to dismantle Dr. Robotnik's operations there, the Chaotix have appointed themselves as the official guardians of the Special Zone. They made their first Sonic the Comic appearance in Issue 53 in part one of the Knuckles story, Total Chaotix.


There have been six members of the Chaotix Crew, but only four members who are always on active duty.

  • The Omni-Viewer - Founder of the Chaotix Crew. At some unknown point, Omni broke free of Robotnik's control and assembled a team of heroes to oppose his oppression of the Special Zone. Although responsible for bringing the team together, Omni does not actively lead it. He serves as the team's advisor and their main method of transport and surveillance.
  • Vector the Crocodile - Official leader of the Chaotix. Vector possesses both brain and brawn, making him an ideal choice for leader. He is the team's scientist and also devises strategies for the team and acts as a liason between Chaotix and the New Tek City police force.
  • Mighty the Armadillo - The strongest member of the crew. Tends to be quite headstrong and is often at odds with fellow teammate Espio.
  • Espio the Chameleon - Espio acts as the Chaotix Crew's spy and saboteur, but possesses excellent fighting ability as well. He is capable of camoflaging himself and blending into his surroundings and can send foes flying with his Tornado Attack.
  • Charmy Bee - Youngest member of the Chaotix, and the most annoying. Charmy is constantly spouting gibberish and making silly jokes, which drives his teammates crazy. Despite the fact that his comrades seem to hate him, Charmy remains on the team as their scout. He's a superb flyer and has access to a large amount of money, though the rest of the team don't know where it comes from. Charmy is actually a former resident of The Hive and his mother is the Queen Bee.
  • Nack the Weasel - Former Chaotix member and career criminal. The details behind Nack's Chaotix membership are sketchy, but in Total Chaotix he betrayed the team to the Brotherhood of Metallix. He's been their enemy ever since.

Bases of Operations

The Chaotix have worked out of a number of bases which are listed below.

  • Chaotix Asteroid HQ - Located somewhere in the Special Zone, the Chaotix Crew's original base was built on a lonely asteroid and served as the team's home and workplace. The base was shut down after Chaotix had cleared their names with the New Tek Police.
  • Chaotix Tower - Located in New Tek City on Planet Meridian. This base was more publicly accessible and loomed over the New Tek streets. Why an organization of four members would need a whole skyscaper is anyone's guess.
  • Crimson Cobra Inc. - After the Special Zone was annihilated by the Syndicate, the Chaotix were forced to work out of the Mobian office of their subsidiary company. Since they've started operating on Mobius, the Chaotix have been working between trying to restore their home dimension and trying to bring down the New Robotnik Empire.


Knuckles & The Chaotix

The Chaotix Crew made their first appearance shortly after the Death Egg crisis. Knuckles the Echidna had accidentally activated an ancient Portal Ring that sucked him into the Special Zone, where he was confronted by the Omni-Viewer. Believing the echidna to still be in league with Robotnik, Omni set the Chaotix on him. While they fought Knuckles, Omni tried to verify Knuckles's claims of Robotnik's deception and discovered the truth. It was at that moment that Omni's workspace was invaded by two Metallix robots. The robots hijacked the Omni-Viewer and took it back to the Egg Fortress, where the Emperor set about copying all of Omni's data in order to create a duplicate. Knuckles and the Chaotix pursued the Metallix back to their lair in order to rescue the Omni-Viewer, but they were betrayed by Nack, who had been promised a large sum of money for giving Knuckles over to the Brotherhood. The Emperor had no intention of honouring the agreement and ordered its drones to kill the intruders. Brandishing a hidden disruptor weapon, Nack attempted to destroy the Emperor but was knocked out. Knuckles managed to grab the weapon and fire it, disabling the Emperor and shutting down all of its minions with it. With that, the Chaotix rescued the Omni-Viewer and returned Knuckles to the Floating Island, unaware that the Brotherhood of Metallix had survived.

Chaotix vs. Metallix

Sometime after the Brotherhood's initial defeat, the Chaotix Crew travelled to Mobius believing that the Brotherhood had taken control of the Miracle Planet. With the help of Sonic the Hedgehog, they travelled there to discover that the Metallixes had indeed resurfaced and had already used their pirate copy of the Omni-Viewer to alter history. Mobius had been transformed into Planet Metallix, with the majority of the population having been wiped out and the few survivors hiding underground. After encountering Ovi Kintobor amongst the survivors, it became clear what the Metallixes had done in the past and the Omni-Viewer transported the Chaotix back to the day that Sonic got his powers. Metallixes were guarding the time-streams and Sonic and co. were forced to deal with them. Sonic discovered a Metallix holding a rotten egg: the same egg responsible for Kintobor's transformation into Robotnik. When they went back in time to Kintobor's laboratory, Sonic put the egg back in Kintobor's fridge. The team then travelled 24 hours ahead to the day that the ROCC exploded. A cable had been disconnected and been safely moved aside so Kintobor would not trip over it. Sonic pulled the cable taut and tripped Kintobor himself, thereby becoming responsible for Robotnik's creation. The Chaotix and Sonic returned to the present and arrived at Citadel Robotnik to find out why the Brotherhood wanted to erase the doctor from history. As it turned out, Grimer had designed the Metallixes and Robotnik contributed by developing their self-destruct program. Robotnik had hoped that when Sonic confronted the Brotherhood, they would have killed him and then he could destroy them remotely. With their temporal tampering undone, the Emperor Metallix led its entire army to storm Citadel Robotnik to kill the doctor before he could destroy them. Their attempts failed and Sonic managed to press the self-destruct trigger, wiping out the Brotherhood once and for all.

The Fundamental Four

In Issues 80 and 81, the Chaotix asteroid base is attacked by the criminal quartet known as The Fundamental Four. The villains manage to overpower Vector, Mighty and Espio and seal them inside a liquidiser machine. Charmy - who had been kicked out of the base for being annoying - flew home to the Hive to recruit a swarm of worker bees to help him fight the Fundamental Four. The swarm invaded the base and turned the Four's own elemental properties against them, turning them into a giant pot. Vector, Espio and Mighty were freed but rather ungratefully kicked Charmy out again and the worker bees with him.

Sonic & The Chaotix

After the Freedom Fighters managed to separate Super Sonic from Sonic, the demonic hedgehog was banished to the Special Zone. Sonic contacted the Chaotix Crew to warn them that Super Sonic was an immediate threat to the entire Zone, but they didn't seem to take the news very seriously. It was only after Sonic was arrested in New Tek City and became involved with Lord Sidewinder's gang that they realised the truth firsthand. Super Sonic had made contact with Sidewinder and had made a deal with the crime lord: Super would join the Sidewinder Gang if they brought him Sonic. As soon as Sonic was in sight, Super Sonic went back on his word and was prepared to destroy them all until the Chaotix tracked Sonic down. In the heat of the battle, the Omni-Viewer sucked Super Sonic into his workspace, preparing to send the creature to another dimension. Such a course of action would just make Super someone else's problem, however, and so Omni attempted to suspend the demon in time. Super Sonic was sealed inside Omni's workspace, but not permanently. He proved too powerful to be held back and was very slowly forcing his way out. Sometime later, the Chaotix Crew decided it would be best to seal the Omni-Viewer within the Black Asteroid. When Super Sonic eventually escaped Omni, Omni could teleport away and leave Super entombed within the asteroid. For a time, Planet Meridian was safe, despite Chaotix's problems with the New Tek Police (though by Issue 97 they had cleared their name) and encounters with villains such as Nack the Weasel, the Blazer and The Indestructible Bulk. After several weeks of relative peace, a weakened Omni-Viewer returned to Meridian at the same time that a second sun appeared in the sky. This second sun was in fact the Black Asteroid, overheated and irradiated by the enormous amount of Chaos energy that Super Sonic was emitting. Sonic and the Chaotix were then approached by Lord Sidewinder's daughter Lightmare, who warned them that her father had gone mad with delusions of possessing Super Sonic's power. Sonic, Espio, Charmy and Mighty went after Sidewinder while Vector took the Omni-Viewer to the Equinox laboratories to get him recharged. Equinox discovered that the Black Asteroid's explosion would create an electromagnetic pulse effect, shutting down all electrical systems across Meridian. While undergoing repairs, the Omni-Viewer had also teleported to Mobius and discovered that Dr. Robotnik had captured Knuckles and the Emerald Hill folk. As soon as he finished recharging, he took Vector to meet up with the rest of the team and Sonic, who had just finished taking down Lord Sidewinder. With his powers fully restored, the Omni-Viewer teleported the Black Asteroid to Mobius and took Sonic home as well, leaving Chaotix to take Sidewinder into custody.

The Oscar Investigation

Chaotix would appear once again during the four-part Knuckles story, On The Run. After taking down a gang of crooks called The Zombie Brothers, Chaotix investigate the reappearance of Oscar The Pig in New Tek City. Recognizing Oscar's mugshot as Porker Lewis, Vector sends Mighty and Espio to investigate. The two explore the city's eastern district and discover a commotion taking place in the Purple Mushroom bar. They find Porker being harassed by mobster Hammerhead, who has also fought with Knuckles. Mighty and Espio intervene and help Knuckles take Hammerhead down just as the police arrive. Porker admits to the police that he is Oscar the Pig and is questioned by Lt. Furor. Fortunately for Porker, after the questioning, Furor lets Porker go and lets Oscar the Pig once more fade into memory.

Chaotix vs. Root

In Issue 134, Chaotix invite Sonic back to the Special Zone to inform him of a new method of easy inter-dimensional travel. When Sonic arrives in New Tek City, he is attacked by Mighty's father Blockhead Bill and his partner Society Max. Although Bill and Max are defeated, they go on another rampage in Chaotix Tower when commanded by Root, who has enslaved them with his Mind Roots. When the Chaotix fight back, Root uses his magic to bring Bill and Max back to his lair in the Mandrake Swamp. Sonic and the Chaotix took after them, but were attacked as soon as they arrived at the swamp by Root's swamp-men. The group were knocked unconscious by a cloud of Mandrake Spores and were taken to Root's castle. There, Root planted mind roots on each of the Chaotix so they would obey his command and carry out his plan to take over New Tek City. Sonic broke free of his restraints before he could be planted as well, but Root commanded the Chaotix Crew to attack him. With his superior speed, Sonic easily managed to defeat the Chaotix as well as Bill and Max. When Root attempted to attack Sonic with a magical spell, Sonic just knocked a stone pillar on top of him, crushing the body of bark encasing Morton, the host of the real Root (who was only a tiny root itself). With Root defeated, the Chaotix came to their senses and Root's swamp-men dissolved.

The Mutated Vector attacks Chaotix

The Crimson Cobra

In the last Chaotix story of the original run - Crimson Cobra Strikes - The Crimson Cobra concocts a scheme to destroy Chaotix so that he may conquer the Special Zone unopposed. He sabotages a lab experiment in Chaotix Tower which results in Vector being turned into a monster. Vector rampages across New Tek City and the others give chase, but the Cobra attacks Mighty and Espio from the shadows with his brain scrambler, making them extremely hostile to each other. As Espio and Mighty go beserk and try to kill each other, Charmy happens upon the Cobra and falls victim to the brain scrambler too, which drives him insane. In his insanity, Charmy makes a call to the Hive and - using his status as the Hive's prince - buys out Crimson Cobra Inc., taking everything the Cobra owns and thus making the diminuitive serpent powerless and destitute. With the Cobra's resources, Charmy has Vector cured of his monster form, and Mighty and Espio are bailed out of prison.

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