The Chaos Emeralds are seven magical gemstones that contain nigh-limitless power. They are found on the Floating Island and are protected by Knuckles the Echidna. Each Emerald has a different colour: green, blue, yellow, orange, red, purple and grey. Why they aren't all green as normal emeralds are is unknown. It is also unknown why the Emeralds have the new colours that the Emeralds got during Sonic Adventure.



The Chaos Emeralds were originally created by the Drakons over 8000 years ago. At the time, they had already discovered Chaos energy but were seeking ways to safely harness it and use it as a fuel source. During their war with the Echidnas, the Drakons seized the Echidnas sacred Emerald Mines and found that the gems were capable of safely containing Chaos energy. This discovery prompted the Echidnas to take swift and decisive action and they fought to retake the mines and stole the Chaos Emeralds. They kept them ever since. When and how they allowed the landmass that would become the Floating Island to take to sky is unknown, but without the Emeralds' power, the island would plummet out of the sky.

Chaos Divided

Long ago, six of the Chaos Emeralds were split into twelve. How or why this occurred is unknown, but half of them fell to Mobius while the other half remained on the Floating Island, allowing it to remain airborne. The grey Chaos Emerald - the Control Emerald - remained with the island's then-guardian. At one point, the planetbound Chaos Emeralds were discovered in a hollow hill in the Emerald Hill Zone by Doctor Ovi Kintobor. Kintobor used the Chaos Emeralds as part of his ROCC machine in order to rid Mobius of evil. His project never reached fruition, of course, due to the accident which turned him into Doctor Robotnik. When the ROCC exploded, the Emeralds were scattered and warped into the Special Zone. Sonic The Hedgehog began searching for them in hopes of restoring Kintobor to normal, but he never got his chance as the Emeralds warped back to the Special Zone after he had brought them together. The Emeralds created a burst of energy as they vanished, which Sonic absorbed and was turned into Super Sonic for the first time.

Sonic eventually managed to round the Emeralds up again and, with Porker Lewis' help, found a way to keep them contained without them becoming unstable and returning to the Special Zone. They were sent to the Frozen Zone and left within an icy cauldron, the low temperature keeping the power of the Emeralds stable. There they remained hidden until they were discovered by the sky pirate Captain Plunder. Plunder and his crew took the Emeralds and suffered the consequences: they were turned into hippies when the Emeralds absorbed their evil essence. When Sonic caught up to the pirates, they let him take them back. The Emeralds were then kept in the Freedom Fighters' secret base.


When Doctor Robotnik's Death Egg crash-landed on the Floating Island, he was found by Knuckles, who told him where he was and how the island stayed aloft. Seeing a golden opportunity to acquire the Chaos Emeralds and defeat Sonic, Robotnik tricked Knuckles into believing that he was a kind, benevolent inventor and that Sonic was a villain who planned to steal the Chaos Emeralds from the island. For a brief time, Knuckles served Robotnik as a bodyguard and fought against Sonic when he discovered Robotnik's whereabouts. Robotnik was captured by Sonic and Tails and taken to their base in the Emerald Hill Zone. This was part of the doctor's plan: he would get close to the Chaos Emeralds in Sonic's possession, Knuckles would come to his rescue and he would threaten the lives of Sonic's friends in order for Sonic to give up the Emeralds. The plan was successful and Robotnik and Knuckles returned the Emeralds to the Floating Island where they were reintegrated with the Emeralds already there. With the twelve once more returned to six, Robotnik tried to absorb the energy they released. He transformed into a powerful god-like being, and when Sonic and Tails arrived on the scene, he used the energy to turn Tails to glass. Robotnik did not keep this power for long as Knuckles then revealed what had become of the grey Chaos Emerald, long believed to be missing: Knuckles had it all along. With the Control Emerald, Knuckles stripped Robotnik of his powers and sent him back to Mobius. The Control Emerald was then placed with the others back in the Emerald Chamber. Some time after the reintegration, the Chaos Emeralds had grown after they had returned to full power. Before, they were small enough to be held in one hand. Now they were as large as the average Mobian.

The Master Emerald

The green Chaos Emerald - better known as the Master Emerald - is the primary source of power for the Floating Island and serves to unify the energies of all the Chaos Emeralds. Doctor Robotnik tried to steal the Master Emerald to use as a power source for the Death Egg. He succeeded in acquiring the gem and launching the colossal warship, though his victory was short-lived. The Death Egg was attacked from within and without: Sonic had boarded the vessel in order to take back the Master Emerald, while Knuckles used the energy from the remaining Chaos Emeralds to pilot the Floating Island like an airship. The island even generated a sphere of Chaos energy that launched devastating blasts upon the Death Egg, severely damaging its superstructure. After defeating Robotnik and destroying the Death Egg, Sonic and Knuckles returned the Master Emerald to the Emerald Chamber. But this would not be the last time that evil forces dared to tamper with the Chaos Emeralds, as the Floating Island was later visited by Doctor Zachary, an elderly echidna who had returned to the island from parts unknown. Taking control of one of the island's ancient Guardians, Zachary attempted to crash the island into Mobius by destroying the Master Emerald. The Guardian Robot that Zachary had commandeered crushed the stone between its powerful hands, which resulted in a sudden loss of power across the island. Knuckles succeeded in thwarting Zachary's scheme and the old echidna seemingly met his end after falling from the island. The island remained aloft using the decapitated head of the Guardian, which had earlier absorbed a large amount of energy from the Master Emerald. Needing a new Master Emerald, Knuckles went in search of the ancient Emerald Mine within the Kohenyu Graveyard. His quest for a new stone was impeded by the Spirit of the Herd, a phantom that spoke on behalf of the extinct Kohenyu race. The Kohenyu wished to avenge their genocide by killing the last Echidna, but Knuckles discovered that the Herd were anchored to the mortal plane via the Soul Crystal, a large crystalline mass deep within the Emerald Mine. Knuckles considered destroying the crystal in order to stop the Kohenyu skeletons that were trying to kill him, but he decided that he could not live with himself if he extinguished the last trace of an entire race from the world. Moved by Knuckles' mercy, the Spirit of the Herd allowed Knuckles to leave with a raw emerald, and so a new Master Emerald was made.

Robotnik Reigns Supreme

When Dr. Robotnik made first contact with the Drakon Empire, he made a deal with Emperor Ko-Dorr of the House of War: they would grant Robotnik full access to their Mobius Ring and in return, Robotnik would help them take back the Chaos Emeralds that the Echidnas had stolen from them so long ago. This was all a trick, of course. Robotnik had every intention of keeping the Emeralds for himself, and had ordered his lackey Grimer to falsely ally himself with the Drakons in order to get close to the Emeralds. He later led the Drakons' invasion of the Floating Island, with Ko-Dorr's forces proving to be an even match against the Guardian Robots. Although Sonic and Tails were on hand to try and stop them, their efforts proved fruitless and Grimer managed to take the Chaos Emeralds from their shaft inside the chamber. Using a re-programmed Drakon staff, Grimer teleported his Drakon army back to their homeworld and summoned a Mobius Ring to bring Dr. Robotnik to the island. The Chaos Emeralds had been inserted into a device that Robotnik hooked up to his own body and with it, he absorbed the energy from the gems and began to transform into a god-like being. However, he absorbed so much energy so quickly that his body couldn't take it, and the doctor turned into a green crystal statue. After this, Grimer was sent to prison and Robotnik's frozen body remained in the Emerald Chamber whilst Sonic and Knuckles tried to decide what to do with him. Unfortunately, Robotnik returned to life again and was completely empowered by the Chaos energy he had absorbed. Sonic, Tails and Knuckles tried to fight back but their efforts were futile: Robotnik was, for all intents and purposes, a god. With his newfound powers, Robotnik decided to take his ultimate revenge upon Sonic: he decided to torment Sonic for all eternity. He altered history so that Sonic had never existed and he enslaved all of Mobius. No matter what Sonic did to fight Robotnik's tyranny, the people of Mobius had no faith in him and were certain that nothing could ever stop Robotnik. However, despite all his godlike power, Robotnik didn't possess godlike wisdom to match. He proved to be just as vulnerable to Sonic's taunts as ever, and Sonic eventually goaded him into a fair fight. Robotnik took Sonic back to the Floating Island and allowed Knuckles to help Sonic, believing that there was nothing either of them could do to beat him. But it seemed that he had forgotten about the Control Emerald, which Knuckles used to drain Robotnik's powers and cancel out all of his alterations to time and space. As the Chaos energy was sucked out of him, Robotnik seemed to shrink down until he had shrunk out of existence. Sonic would later find out that Robotnik had in fact shrunk all the way down into a microscopic universe.

The Chaos Creature

Around the time that the Echidnas had stolen the Chaos Emeralds, the Echidna princess Tikal had transported Sonic the Hedgehog from the future to her time. Sonic arrived just in time to help the Echidna warriors face off against a Drakon Prosecutor, who Sonic revealed to be a mere fish creature operating a robotic body. The Prosecutor was taken prisoner and held in a tank whilst Pochacamac decided on what to do with him. The Drakons later attacked the Echidnas' encampment in order to take back the Chaos Emeralds and a firefight ensued. One of the Emeralds was struck by a stray energy shot and Chaos radiation leaked from the gem into the tank containing the imprisoned Prosecutor. The radiation mingled with the water in the tank which then merged with the Drakon fish. The creature began to transform into a terrifying monstrosity, a creature that would be known in the future as Chaos.

It is unknown precisely how Chaos was subdued, but he remained isolated and imprisoned for thousands of years until he was discovered by Doctor Robotnik. The doctor had tried to enslave Chaos but failed, and so had imprisoned the creature yet again. Years later, when Robotnik had fallen into depression after so many defeats, Grimer released Chaos again on to an unsuspecting Mobius where it went on a rampage, causing widespread damage in the Metropolis Zone and killing Johnny Lightfoot of the Freedom Fighters. After losing a great deal of power after battling the FF, Chaos travelled to the Floating Island in order to consume the Chaos Emeralds. Contact with the Emeralds caused Chaos to regain its cognitive faculties, no longer reduced to a mindless animal acting on instinct alone. Chaos attempted to absorb the Emeralds, but was thwarted by Knuckles who activated an emergency program that scattered the Emeralds across the planet. This resulted in the Floating Island falling into the ocean, where it would remain for several months. Chaos had managed to consume one Emerald and began scouring the planet for the others. Robotnik, after being motivated back into action by Grimer's efforts, summoned several Emeralds to another dimension with his Chaos Resonator device. This brought Chaos, the FF and even the pacifist Super Sonic together for one final battle before Chaos destroyed the entire world, as was the extent of Robotnik's scheme. Chaos absorbed all of the Emeralds and transformed into Perfect Chaos, spreading his demonic influence throughout the Dark Dimension. Super Sonic threw himself into Chaos's body and sucked up all of the Chaos energy like a sponge. This restored Super to full power and to his original, demonic state, while Chaos was turned back into a Drakon fish and thrown into a lake.

The Special Zone Apocalypse

The Chaos Emeralds were eventually returned to the Floating Island, although the thief Rouge the Bat had come to the island to steal them. Whether it was all part of the Syndicate's plan or if it was on orders from the Drakons is not clear, she may have simply wanted to keep them for herself. In any event, Rouge managed to take the Emeralds from Knuckles but neglected to keep them refrigerated. As a result, the Emeralds became unstable and warped back to the Special Zone. This worked in favour for the Syndicate and Shadow the Hedgehog, who used his Chaos Control ability to unite the Chaos Emeralds in the centre of the Special Zone. The plan was to trigger a chain reaction that would detonate all Chaos energy within the Special Zone, and thus destroy the entire dimension. Despite the best efforts of Sonic, Knuckles and the Chaotix Crew, the Syndicate's scheme was successful and the Special Zone was annihilated. The Omni-Viewer managed to warp Knuckles and the Chaotix back to Mobius before the apocalyptic explosion destroyed them too, while Sonic was teleported away by Shadow. With the Chaos Emeralds in their possession, the Syndicate had everything they needed to initiate their ultimate plan: the destruction of Mobius. Dr. Zachary had created the Chaos Siphon, a machine that would trigger all the latent Chaos energy on Mobius and set off a chain reaction, resulting in the planet exploding. This scheme was thwarted thanks to Sonic, who struck a deal with the only people known to have successfully harnessed Chaos energy: the Drakon Empire. The Master Scholar provided Sonic with a Chaos Tap, a device designed to absorb and contain excess Chaos energy. This would cancel out the effect of Dr. Zachary's Siphon, but the Drakon's were capable of deactivating the Tap remotely at any time they wished. Sonic planted the Chaos Tap somewhere on Mobius and it performed its task of negating the planet's excess Chaos energy. Meanwhile, Knuckles had liberated the Chaos Emeralds from the Syndicate's ship, the Death Carrier. They are presently back where they belong on the Floating Island.



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