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Cedric the Elephant
is one of the original Freedom Fighters, and a long-time confidant for the team. He has somehow managed to avoid the spotlight and no one on Mobius realises he's a member. This doesn't bother him, as he views what you do is more important than how you're remembered.

Older than the other members, he was originally a security guard for Doctor Ovi Kintobor. When Sonic the Hedgehog began fighting Doctor Robotnik, Cedric gave the hedgehog advice which Sonic believes is responsible for his success.

Among his missions was helping Sonic and Knuckles during the attack on Sonic's Secret Underground Base, raiding the Death Egg II, helping Sonic restore the Metallix-altered timeline, fighting Commander Brutus, and stopping Robotnik from killing Mobius. He also helped Porker Lewis decide to settle on the Floating Island.

We only saw Cedric in Sonic the Comic Online's 15th Anniversary Special, in a strip paying homage to STC's history. But he's still there...

And he always has been. Odds are he was even in Archie at one point, or possibly even SEGA.

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