Caught By The Prefects is a 2-part Decap Attack story which began in Issue 107 of Sonic the Comic.



One dark and stormy Transylvanian night, the denizens of Castle Frank N. Stein are trying and failing to get satellite television. It works for a while when Chuck and Head are struck by lightning, until the television explodes right in the Prof's face, causing him to regress to a child-like state, while Chuck and Head aren't even singed. Later in hospital, the Prof is rambling on about finishing his homework and upsetting the prefects, while being examined. The boys however are more concerned with watching the Cup final. Their attitudes change however when Stein, in a state of delirious panic, makes a run for it, destroying the television just as United are about to score. Igor goes after Stein in a fit of rage, as we catch a glimpse into the Prof's addled mind, seeing his friends as the aforementioned prefects. Igor goads the Professor into jumping out the window, to Chuck's disapproval. Fortunately, Stein's ward was on the ground floor, and he has landed relatively unharmed inside a bin.

Two nights later, the gang are being roughly informed of what's going through the now missing Professor's mind, but just before they learn of the revenge he exacted upon the bullying prefects, the phonelines are cut by the more insane than usual Stein. Just after Chuck and Head make their way to bed, the Professor pounces on them, believing them to be his old tormentors, Stinky Bates and Pongo. He thus launches a horrible unseen attack upon the two, just after Chuck tries and fails to talk some sense into him. Shortly after, the Prof confronts Basher, AKA Igor, demanding his conkers back. Igor tries to appeal to Stein, but goes the same way as Chuck and Head. Straight afterwards, the Prof runs through the hallways with a paintbrush and bucket of green paint, reliving the day he won against the prefects and decided to become a mad professor. As he stands atop the castle, proclaiming that he'll make his own friends, he is struck by lightning, reverting him to his normal state, just as an enraged Chuck, Head and Igor turn up with green painted faces and bloodlust in their hearts. Upon hearing him speak, Head realises that the Prof is back to normal, but Chuck isn't hearing any of it, and the Prof's agonized scream rings out into the night.......


The previous Decap Attack story was Wish. The next story was The Dreaded Poople Plague.

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