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Casino Night Zone, in the grip of Doctor Robotnik

The Casino Night Zone is a large, urban Zone, devoted entirely to the leisure industry - especially casinos. It has always had a strong element of organised crime. Known residents include Bean the Dynamite and the unnamed shirtless dog.

In "Casino Night", Doctor Robotnik had taken control of the Zone: large, jovial images of Robotnik abounded. He placed the Zone under the admistration of the Marxio Brothers, rigged all the casino games so the players would lose, and used hypnotic beams to force everyone to keep playing. The Zone was a huge moneyspinner for him, but Sonic the Hedgehog and Porker Lewis successfully destroyed the hypnotic device and reprogrammed all the games so the players would always win.

The Zone would later be one of Commander Brutus's main targets, and Tails remained in the Zone for a while until he'd successfully defeated the local Badnik forces. Until he did this, however, people stayed at home instead of going to the casinos - angering one of the main casino owners, Max Gamble. Shown up and humiliated by Tails, Gamble would lure him back to the Zone and attempt to kill him in "Furtual Reality". Gamble also became one of Robotnik's main lackeys in the Zone, running covert Badnik Processing Plants.

After The Final Victory, Gamble went into straightforward organised crime and protection rackets in "The Unbrushables". The residents of the Zone, however, rose up in refusal to have one tyrant replaced by another; once Gamble's continued links to Robotnik were revealed, even the local criminals revolted as they too had hated the Doctor's reign.

Years later, thousands of insects from the Special Zone emigrated to Mobius. With them came The Family, a powerful mob, who swiftly took control of the Casino Night Zone's criminal underworld. Max Gamble was made one of their fronts, and they launched a vicious attack on Amy Rose and Tails when the heroes came snooping ("Bitten by the Gambling Bug"). Rival casinos were intimidated or taken out by enforcers such as The Dice, who threatened to bomb a casino unless they gave all their money; Sonic and Tails, however, stopped him ("Dicing With Death").

The Zone was invaded by Badniks during The Battle For Mobius, but the Family came out in force to drive off the invaders. It later hosted one stage of Fabian Vane's concert tour, a vital morale booster organised by Amy, Marks & Sparks and Max Gamble.