The hunt for Akotek's treasure begins.

Captain Plunder and the Spice Maidens is a 6-part Captain Plunder story, beginning in Issue 103 of Sonic the Comic.



Late one night in Scourge Bay, Captain Plunder, with Filch and Simpson in tow, is attempting to gather some new crew members for his next hunt, with the aid of a supposedly ancient treasure map. Unfortunately, the ink is still wet, and the man Plunder tries to talk into joining him recognises the pirate as the biggest foul-up on the seven seas. When Simpson is called up to 'convince' the man with a big stick, Simpson only ends up clobbering Plunder, much to his immense displeasure. Just as Plunder is about to kill Simpson, he is interrupted by Queen Zorabel, who has got wind of his crew gathering attempt and wants to let her daughters go with him. They find Zorabel's daughters in Scourge Bay's roughest tavern doing what they do best: causing bother in a one-sided brawl.

The following evening, Plunder and Filch go to Zorabel's mansion, where they come face to face with her daughters: Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Coriander, Pepper and Tarragon, who go by the collective name of the Spice Maidens. Zorabel has a real treasure map and wants the girls to go with Plunder, to make up for all the trouble he's caused her in the past. Plunder is naturally against the idea, claiming that women on board a ship leads to bad luck, before he is swiftly floored by Pepper. Plunder continues to protest that to have 5 young girls on a ship full of pirates wouldn't be right. Zorabel is led to agree, and unfortunately for Plunder, is waiting for him with the Spice Maidens when he returns to his ship. She figures she can't leave them alone with a slob like him and is looking forward to the adventure, having not been on a ship in years. As night falls, the crew set sail for the sky.

The following morning, when Plunder asks to see Zorabel's map, she reveals that it's not a map to the treasure, so much as a map to find Krakiota the sea serpent, who knows all the secrets of Mobius and can tell them where the treasure is. Plunder is worried, having heard legends of Krakiota destroying a hundred warships and devouring entire crews, but Zorabel isn't having any of it and they set sail for Skull Rock. Upon their arrival, the girls are skeptical because the rock doesn't look like a skull, and think Plunder has led them to the wrong place because of his fear. Krakiota is there though, however he's nowhere near as big as they thought he'd be. As he sits in Plunder's palm, only agreeing to answer three questions, Plunder bungles it up with unintended questions. When Zorabel takes over, asking if he knows where the treasure of King Akotek is, the diminuitive serpent takes her question too logically, and won't actually tell her where it is. He goes on to stand by his rules and won't let her actually ask where it is. Just as Zorabel is about to throttle him, Plunder steps in with a suggestion. Krakiota is shortly afterwards seen in Simpson's giant soup pot, and giving serious thought to bending the rules.

Later, the crew have made it to the island where the Akotek Treasure is hidden, within the tomb of King Akotek. Plunder is uncomfortable about being a tomb robber, but his opinion is swayed by Pepper's talk of Akotek's great wealth. Filch however, is slightly skeptical, having heard Akotek's name somewhere in a book on the ship, and wondering why Zorabel's brought him and Plunder along if she has her daughters to help. After Filch returns to the ship to do some research, the pirates arrive at Akotek's tomb, where Simpson is used as an unwilling trap detector. He emerges, impaled by several arrows, but the pirates proceed anyway, not knowing or caring that Simpson was faking it. The seal on the tomb is still intact, and Plunder is selected by Cinnamon to break the seal. Filch returns, too late to stop the captain, and as the pirates make their way into the tomb, Filch tells Plunder that whoever breaks the seal will be cursed forever. Plunder is skeptical, until the giant statue in the tomb comes to life.

Before Plunder can talk his way out of the situation, the statue curses Plunder with eternal misfortune and calamity. Afte the statue returns to normal, Zorabel reveals that she knew about the curse and made sure Plunder was the one to break the seal, saying he always was the stupidest pirate on Mobius. The pirates begin to make their way back to the ship, but Plunder stumbles on a bit of the booty on the tomb's stairs, ends up upside down inside the pot he is carrying, causes a small rockslide after heaving the pot off his head and acknowledges that the curse may be working after being partially buried. Later on the ship, Plunder has taken more than a few injuries thanks to the curse, and winds up in a little rowboat being towed by the ship upon Zorabel's fear of him bringing bad luck to everyone on board. He's not happy about it, but is confident that nothing can hurt him out there, just as a shark rears up behind him...

Not long after, elsewhere, a much more streamlined and modern ship is on the move, commanded by one Captain Tiberius, seeking revenge for his betrayal by Plunder when they both served under Black Beak. He and his crew have been trying to track Plunder down for a while, but can't get a lock on him, thanks to his security shield. Meanwhile on Plunder's ship, the captain has been tasked with choosing one of two treasure chests, one holding his share of the loot, the other being empty. Much to Zorabel's surprise, Plunder chooses the right chest. After returning Zorabel and the Spice Maidens to Scourge Bay, a victorious and content Plunder sets sail again with his treasure, believing the curse to have worn off. Unfortunately, Plunder loses his footing, skids around the ship, and goes over the edge of the deck, but just manages to latch on with his hook. Just as he's about to be hauled back aboard, the chest bursts open, scattering the gold and disrupting the security shield. An apathetic and frustrated Plunder appears to have given up caring and ponders on what else can go wrong, just as Captain Tiberius' massive ship arrives, pointing its guns at Plunder's ship. Shortly after, Plunder is sitting beneath a tree on the nearest bit of land, sulking as his ship sinks and complaining about his bad luck, just as a coconut dislodged by Simpson is about to crack him on the head....


  • The first part of this story is named Spice Maidens, but is labelled as Captain Plunder and the Spice Maidens for the other five.
  • Several areas on the map to find Krakiota are named for STC staff. Specifically, Elson's Island, Stringer's Strand and Kitching Cove.
  • This was the last instant in which Captain Plunder would appear in Sonic the Comic in print form. He has since reappeared in brief cameos in Sonic the Comic Online both in Hobson and Choy's slanderous documentary, Sonic: The Inside Story, and sleeping in Scourge Bay during the Battle for Mobius, as Simpson clashes with Blackbot the Pirate in the background.
  • Simpson's warrior attire, worn when he clobbers Plunder in part 1, is being worn by him again in the Battle for Mobius.


This story was reprinted from Issue 204 to Issue 209.


The previous story featuring Captain Plunder was Shanghaied. The next story to feature him in anything more than a cameo was The Tale of Cream the Rabbit.

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