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Captain Plunder is a nefarious sky pirate who, while considered a villain, has no love for Doctor Robotnik or his tyrannical regime over Planet Mobius. Plunder is a pirate by name and nature, holding no regard for the law or social norms. He commands a flying galleon which is crewed by a motley bunch, though his only two regular crew members are his undead first mate Filch and Simpson the Cat, the ship's fool and cook. In his last appearance in Sonic the Comic, Plunder was stricken with an ancient curse and now lives his days with eternal bad luck.


Hunt For The Chaos Emeralds

Plunder made his first appearance in Sonic the Comic Issue 23 in the one-shot Sonic story, Pirates of the Mystic Cave. Sonic the Hedgehog and the Freedom Fighters had come to the Mystic Cave Zone to rescue Amy Rose, who had been kidnapped by pirates. The group were ambushed by Badniks and Sonic and Tails were separated from the others. They eventually found Amy and met Captain Plunder and his crew. Plunder demanded that Sonic tell Plunder where the Chaos Emeralds were hidden in exchange for Amy's release. Sonic refused and simply attacked Plunder, but Amy broke up the fight by offering the pirates a deal: Plunder help the Freedom Fighters sabotage Robotnik's operations and the heroes provide the pirates information on Robotnik's shipping lanes and which cargo ships were worth robbing. Plunder and Sonic agreed and Amy was released, but Plunder still wanted the Chaos Emeralds. His opportunity came in Issue 24 when he and his crew attacked General Trusk's slave ship, which Sonic's gang had also boarded in order to rescue the Emerald Hill folk. Filch and Porker Lewis were discussing the groups' arrangement and Porker let slip that the Chaos Emeralds were hidden on South Island. Filch immediately told Captain Plunder and the pirates departed immediately. They ventured into the North Cave where the Emeralds were located, but Sonic and co. were right behind them. A scuffle ensued and Plunder managed to grab Tails when he flew too low. Plunder threatened to kill Tails if Sonic didn't surrender the Chaos Emeralds to him, and so Sonic took the pirates to the cauldron which contained the gems. When the pirates left with their prize, the Chaos Emeralds became unstable outside of their refridgerated environment and absorbed the negative energy harboured by Plunder's crew. This resulted in Plunder and his men being turned into pacifistic flower-children, and so they didn't bother putting up a fight when Sonic arrived on their ship to take the Emeralds back. This effect wasn't permanent since Plunder had returned to his nefarious ways in Issue 47.

Capture and Escape

In Issue 47, Captain Plunder got his own story, Captain Plunder & His Sky Pirates. In this story, Plunder's crew

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attacked Dr. Robotnik's luxury airship - the Robotnicus - to raid its treasure vault. The heist was successful, but Plunder himself was left behind when the crew made their getaway. Plunder was put on trial (which was merely a media formality) and sentenced to death, and was locked up at Metropolis Zone's Highview Corrective Centre. Plunder's fellow prisoner - Simpson the Cat - told Plunder that he knew of a secret passage out of the dungeon. With that, Plunder used a small chain cutter built into his prosthesis to free himself and Simpson. The two proceeded to make their way through the dungeons - with Simpson displaying several nonsensical, cartoonish talents - and through the old sewer systems until they eventually arrived at Plunder's hideout in the Mystic Cave Zone, where Plunder's treasure remained. There, they ran into Filch, who told them that the rest of the crew had been captured while trying to rescue their captain. Plunder vowed to rescue them, but quickly reconsidered after realising he'd have to share his treasure with them. Instead, he decided he would build up a new crew and vowed that Mobius hadn't heard the last of him.

The Lost Treasure of Sandopolis

Also taking place in Issue 47 (after his solo story), Captain Plunder met Sonic once again in the Sandopolis Zone on the Floating Island, along with Knuckles the Echidna. Plunder had recruited a man known only as The Per'fessor to help him decipher an ancient Echidna scroll that would lead him to the Lost Pyramid of Sandopolis. The pyramid was raised from the deep sands of the desert and Plunder and his band ventured inside to loot its tomb. Sonic tried to stop them, but Knuckles allowed the pirates to believe they had won. Plunder was unaware of the ancient curse that had supposedly been placed upon the pyramid: as the lights went out, ghostly apparitions appeared out of nowhere and pursued Plunder and his men. Plunder, Filch and the Per'fessor escaped from the pyramid, but had dropped their loot in terror. Plunder devised a suitable story to tell his crew when he returned to his ship: that he was ambushed by two hundred evil spirits with seven heads and blazing eyes.

The Ghost Ship of Tantaragor

In the Knuckles story The Ghost Ship (beginning in Issue 74), Plunder attempted to steal a magical idol from the Tantaror, a race of extra-dimensional spectres. Whilst running from the Ghost Ship of Tantaragor, Plunder's ship touched down on the Floating Island. Plunder decided to enlist Knuckles's help in retrieving the Tantaragor Idol by offering him a chest full of ancient documents regarding the Floating Island's technology. Knuckles agreed and raised the island higher into the sky so that they could reach the Tantaragor ghost ship. Once in range, Plunder and his crew - with Knuckles in tow - boarded the ghost ship and sought out the Tantaragor Idol. Once they found it, they were attacked by three Tantaror slavers. Most of Plunder's crew were taken prisoner, but Plunder, Filch, Simpson and Knuckles escaped when Plunder activated the idol. He and the others were magically transported to Scourge Bay, the base and refuge for Mobius' pirate element. Plunder gave Knuckles the ancient texts as promised, but Knuckles had demanded Plunder return to the ghost ship to give back the idol and rescue his crewmen and the other Mobians who had been enslaved by the Tantaror. Plunder didn't take kindly to Knuckles's demands and set his remaining crew on the echidna. A fight took place which attracted the attention of Scourge Bay's governess - Zorabel, the Pirate Queen - who demanded that Captain Plunder get rid of the Tantaragor Idol before it caused any further problems. It was at that moment that Plunder's shack and everyone in it disappeared from Scourge Bay altogether, teleported to the Tantaragor Dimension by the Tantaror's spiritual leader, Ekkletos. Ekkletos explained that he had intended to capture three Tantaror heretics: the three Tantaror aboard the ghost ship. He revealed everything regarding the heretics and the transportation idol and allowed Knuckles to return to Mobius with the statue so he could allow Ekkletos to claim the heretics and their ship. Plunder and his crew remained with Ekkletos until Knuckles had succeeded in his task, and then returned to Scourge Bay. Zorabel forced Plunder to give up the Floating Island texts to Knuckles and severely punished him for causing all the trouble with the Tantaror.

Plunder in the Special Zone

Captain Plunder began pirating in the Special Zone after somehow acquiring a Star Post in the story Shanghaied. After arriving off the coast of New Tek City on Planet Meridian, Plunder sent a press gang ashore to "recruit" some new crew members. However, they only came back with one: the alchemist Proctor Speckle, a member of the Sidewinder Gang. After being brought aboard the ship, Speckle was thrown into the hold, where he ate Captain Plunder's entire supply of Old Caribbean chocolate bars. After discovering this, Plunder forced Speckle to walk the plank. Speckle wasn't finished yet: when he hit the water, the stopper came loose on one of the bottles of transformative serum in his pocket. He managed to swallow some of the serum and transformed into his monstrous alter-ego Mister Fry. Fry climbed back aboard Plunder's ship with a shark in his mouth, beat up Plunder's entire crew and beat the shark to death. However, Mr. Fry came back aboard to join Plunder's crew rather than fight them, and even offered his services as a cook by making steaks out of the shark he had killed. Unfortunately for Plunder, when Speckle drank his potion, some nearby sharks also got a taste of it and had mutated into anthropomorphic monsters. They climbed aboard the ship and attacked, but Mr. Fry took them all on and grabbed Simpson to help him. After accidentally tearing down the ship's main sail, Fry and the mutant sharks started brawling under the sailcloth. After a while, Speckle emerged after his serum wore off and tried to sneak away, leaving Simpson to the sharks. Speckle was thrown in the hold whilst Captain Plunder attacked the sharks with a giant mallet. After knocking them out, Plunder rescued Simpson (who had been swallowed by one of the sharks) and the sharks turned back to normal. In celebration of their victory over the sharks, Plunder ordered Simpson to bring up his crate of Vintage Rum Truffles from the hold. The truffles were gone, however, along with Proctor Speckle.

The Curse of Akotek

In the final Captain Plunder story of STC's main run - Captain Plunder and the Spice Maidens - Plunder had returned to Scourge Bay looking for new crew members. One possible candidate refused after recognising Plunder and stated that he was 'the biggest foul-up on the Seven Seas'. At this point, Simpson attacked the man with a baseball bat, only to hit Plunder instead. Plunder was later approached by Queen Zorabel, who offered Plunder five new crew members: her daughters. Plunder was not at all enthralled by the idea of having women on his ship and attempted to convince Zorabel that it would be wrong to leave her daughters alone on a ship full of vicious cutthroats. Zorabel agreed, and decided she would come along as well, much to Plunder's disappointment. They set sail for Skull Rock to find the legendary sea serpent Krakiota, a supposed oracle of sorts who could tell them where to find the ancient treasure of King Akotek. They found Krakiota sure enough, though he was hardly the titanic monster that legend had made him out to be. Plunder was perplexed by the diminuitive size of the so-called serpent, wasting two of the three questions that the group were allowed to ask. Zorabel faired no better, asking Krakiota if he knew where the Akotek treasure was rather than asking exactly where it was. Krakiota decided to tell Zorabel what he knew after Plunder threatened to cook him and the crew soon found the island where the tomb of King Akotek was located. When they found the tomb, Cinnamon convinced Plunder to break the tomb's seal himself, which Plunder gladly did so, having not been informed about Akotek's curse. It was only after Plunder had broken the seal and had been told by Akotek's spirit itself of the curse that Zorabel came clean about it. She knew of the curse beforehand and saw fit to use Plunder to break the seal and suffer the curse himself. As soon as the group were done ransacking the tomb, Plunder was plagued by all manner of bad luck: slipping on a loose pearl, getting his head stuck in a vase, ceilings falling on him, etc. His bad luck was so intense that Zorabel forced Plunder to man a lifeboat and be towed back to Scourge Bay. Poor Plunder seemed to draw sharks to him like a magnet.

Later, Plunder was allowed to pick one of two chests: one was empty, the other contained his share of the looted treasure. Zorabel wanted to amuse herself by watching Plunder pick the wrong chest... except he picked the right one. Despite this, Plunder was still cursed and later lost the treasure after stumbling over a broken deckboard and dropping the gold over the side of the ship. All the gold disrupted the ship's shields, just in time for Plunder to meet his old rival Captain Tiberius, who destroyed Plunder's ship and left him and his crew stranded on a deserted island. Plunder was on the brink of snapping when a coconut fell out of a palm tree right above his head.

Sonic the Comic Online

Captain Plunder has made two cameo appearances thus far in Sonic the Comic Online. The first was in the Issue 239 story, The Inside Story. The captain was approached by the Kane Broadcasting Company and told them that he and Sonic were "thick as thieves". The panel he appeared on showed that he was still cursed as an arrow flew toward his head. Plunder's second cameo was in Issue 250, The Battle For Mobius. Plunder slept in a hammock in his shack whilst Blackbot the Pirate and Simpson fought in the background.

In an attempt to reduce Plunder's curse's effect on his crewmates, Plunder was demoted to a regular ship-hand, despite still owning his ship. For some reason, his place was taken by Simpson, although the cat's serious and strict demeanour appeared to work well for the crew. The lowly Plunder made friends with new shipmate Cream the Rabbit and soon started to notice that her lucky rabbit feet were having an effect on his curse - he was no longer the subject of bad luck! Eventually, the former captain decided to let Cream stay aboard (despite calling her stupid) and reclaimed his position as captain of the ship.

Appearance and Personality

Captain Plunder is a dog. One could infer he's more of a bulldog than anything. He has been called such by Captain Tiberius more than once. However, he has big tusks on his lower jaw which has led to ridicule by Sonic calling him "walrus chops."

Plunder has brown skin and large tusks jutting from his lower jaw. He wears an eyepatch over his right eye, a blue bandanna on his head under his tri-corner hat, and a bright green jacket with red cuffs and collar. He also wears a star-shaped medallion around his neck and a rope in place of a belt. Both Plunder's left hand and right leg are prosthetic, the leg having a small wheel in place of a foot. Rather than a hand, Plunder has a mechanical stump containing a number of devices, most notably a hook. In all of his appearances, Plunder has always had a small robotic bird perched on his shoulder. This bird has never been named and has never served a purpose beyond being part of Plunder's image.

Plunder is a pirate by name and nature, having no regard for authority whatsoever (other than that of Queen Zorabel). He's willing to do anything to satisfy his greed as most pirates would: theft, kidnapping, murder, Plunder doesn't have a problem with any of these things. Despite being a cutthroat buccaneer, Plunder is quite an honest one and has never directly lied to any of his enemies (though has omitted the truth) or gone back on a promise. Plunder's greatest failings, of course, are his quickness to anger and his stupidity. He is not known for paying attention to the warnings of those wiser than him and is easily enraged when things don't go his way. He also has quite a sweet tooth and will lash out violently at anyone who steals his sweets, having already shot the still-alive Filch in the head for taking the last biscuit, and forcing Speckle to walk the plank after the alchemist ate his entire stock of chocolate bars.

Powers and Abilities

Plunder possesses no supernatural talents, but he is quite strong; certainly strong enough to take Sonic's spin attack and remain standing. The prosthesis on his left arm contains a number of cybernetic gadgets, including a dagger, a gun, a chain cutter and of course a hook.

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