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Captain Christmas is a complete story starring Tails that appeared in Issue 145 of Sonic the Comic.



Christmas Eve on Mobius, everything is going well. That is until the deranged Baa Humbug goes haywire and attacks a group of carol singers. Tails is soon on the case but isn't on top of his game, suffering from a cold. Humbug takes advantage of this by swatting Tails with a Christmas tree. Fortunately, the fox is rescued by Captain Christmas, another superhero with his own bag of tricks. Christmas first attacks Humbug with his Pudding of Justice (a Christmas pud) before restraining him with the Decorations of Destiny. The citizens are so grateful for being saved that they end up giving the Captain all of their Christmas presents! Even Baa Humbug is overwhelmed with generosity and rewards Captain Christmas with his own car! Tails, obviously suspicious, grabs some of Captain's hair from the fight and takes it to be analysed. Back in the Control Centre, the Kintobor Computer confirms his suspicions; Captain Christmas is actually Dog Malone, an ex-Doctor Robotnik employee from the Casino Night Zone. The crook has developed a body spray that makes people love him, but it didn't work on Tails since he has a cold.

Back with the Captain, everybody swoons as he walks past. Tails arrives and accuses him of being a villain, something the admirers just take as being jealousy. Captain Christmas ponders over which weapon to use to dispose of the pest, but Tails responds by throwing a snowball. Suddenly, the crowd of supporters turns into a mob of haters when they realise they've given their presents away. Tails reveals that the snowball contains an antidote injected into it by Kintobor that dispels the body spray. The citizens angrily want the Captain to suffer for what he's done, but Tails has a better idea. On Christmas morning, Tails forces the Cap to work for Father Christmas and deliver the presents he's stolen.


  • The credits for this story are wrong (as mentioned in the Staff section above). They may be from last issue's Tails story The Goblin Overlords which use that particular set of staff.
  • One civilian hands over a present, stating that his "Granny's got enough slippers, anyway!". However, the box is distinctly not slipper-shaped.
  • Another civilian Tails talks to appears to be a fox, the only one ever seen to not definitely be from the Nameless Zone.
  • The Chemical Plant Zone is written as "Chemical Plantzone".
  • Despite Tails suffering from a cold, he later goes out without his scarf.
  • Kintobor is mistaken;y written as Kintobar, two pages after being spelt correctly.
  • The process of buying presents and giving them to families is contradicted with the idea of Santa delivering them in the same story. Although it can be argued that Captain Christmas is just delivering the presents he stole, Father Christmas seems to have no purpose other than ensure Cap is doing his job.


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