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Art by Mike Hadley and John M Burns

Cam is a member of B.A.R.F., the "Badnik Army Repair Functionaries". The cat is a loyal supporter of Doctor Robotnik and, along with Bert, is employed to repair Badniks after they have been destroyed by the Freedom Fighters.


Cam was presumably employed shortly after Robotnik took control of Mobius. Placed in a team with brutish Bert, Cam was the smartest of the two and often had to explain the situation to her friend. While her friend appeared to be a better engineer, Cam was more technical and could use computers to analyse a scenario.

Her first seen mission was in the Green Hill Zone, called in by a Trooper to clean up a group of Moto Bugs attacked by Sonic the Hedgehog. She soon realised the situation was dire when her scanner picked up traces of a Nicenik virus in the Badnik debris. After "ages" of reprogramming the Niceniks, she was dismayed to learn that two Niceniks had escaped from a Trooper and helped Bert turn him into a "work of art". Her plan to find the rogue Niceniks involved getting Bert to inflate a Triple-S Sonc balloon to weed out the real Badniks. They eventually discovered the right ones and used her catlike reflexes to dodge an attack from one. The pair then pursued the Niceniks (berating Bert for wasting time on the way), destroyed one and helped Bert create a new, combined Badnik with all the shrapnel.

The Seven Badniks

Cam remained in Robotnik's service for at least another year, continuing to repair Badniks and cleaning up battle sites. After a mishap in the Hill Top Zone, Robotnik ordered Cam and Bert to transport Badniks from the Palmtree Panic Zone to the Green Hill Zone. Although very reluctant, she carried out the orders and eventually persuaded the Badniks to leave the Miracle Planet. She was then forced to intervene when the newcomers conquered the Green Hill Zone, forcing her to rescue the natives. Cam came up with the plan to create The Seven Badniks out of the Green Hill Badnik's remains.


  • Cam's name (when combined with Bert's) comes from the French cheese "camembert".
  • Cam's appearance changed between her two stories, with her teeth appearing much less sharp and her uniform became less form-fitting.