Buzzor 17

Buzzer is a hornet-like Badnik created by Doctor Robotnik. A second-generation Badnik, the Buzzer was meant to be an improved version of the Buzz Bomber. Whilst its firepower was upgraded successfully, it turned out to be slower than its predecessor and just as unable to stand up to Sonic's attacks. Nevertheless, the Buzzor was mass-produced and deployed alongside the Buzz Bombers and other Badniks.


The Buzzer was based directly off of the enemy from Sonic The Hedgehog 2 on the Mega Drive. It made its first appearance in Issue 17 and has appeared numerous times since. Since the Buzzer is similar to a Buzz Bomber, the line is often blurred as to which is which. Buzzer is often distinguished in Sonic the Comic by a striped pattern or a lack of facial features (aside from eyes).