It will never die.

Butchery refers to a curious activity/game on the Sonic the Comic Online Message Zone. The premise involved taking any number of panels from Sonic the Comic or Sonic the Comic Online and modifying them to be more humourous. This has since extended to using material from Archie's Sonic comic and even some outside sources such as Stay Sonic, the numerous Sonic cartoons, and even the Sonic videogames themselves.

Naturally, a few memes exclusive to this thread have cropped up, some notable examples being a God-like Dr Robotnik clutching a chocolate cake in place of the Floating Island, copious usage of the 'awesome' smiley, the Pringles mascot appearing even when Pringle has nothing to do with the butchery in question, Knuckles having huge hands and making sure everyone knows about it, any reference to a character being supposedly dead blown off with a simple 'TIME LORD' and extreme close-ups of characters' stunned faces (usually Tails). References to the War of the Worlds (the musical version especially) are also popular. The butchery has also extended into a roughly animated form in recent years, and even has its own mascot in the form of the dysfunctional, violent, misanthropic and homophobic Megajerk, not to mention a holiday of sorts in the form of Cakeday, celebrating the birth of the cake butchery every January 23rd.

Attempts have been made to keep the butchery in check, and for the most part it has worked. Any content with copious adult language or humour is to be posted as a hyperlink rather than with the image coding. The most notable case of controversy however erupted when a picture of Nigel Kitching was posted with a speech bubble of him talking of a supposed sexual inadequacy. A short time later, all references to said butchery were replaced with a picture of a Darth Vader rubber duck. Kitching himself would later state that he wasn't particularly bothered, and was more concerned with how greasy his hair appeared in the photo in question, much to everyone's relief. Any reference to Kitching in the butchery is still covered by a Darth Vader duck to this day. Despite controversy, arguments, backlash and being quite possibly the most adult section on the board, the Butchery somehow has remained active for 200 pages and is still going.

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