Buddy's Bistro
is the name of the restaurant belonging to Big the Cat. Big was forced to work there after humiliating the Roach family, a group of The Family. Although it seemed for a while that Big had become the sole waiter and possible owner of the establishment, he continues to work there as a chef and pizza delivery cat. Buddy's Bistro is actually run by the head chef, a fly-like creature nicknamed "Boss Buddy by Big.

The Freedom Fighters sometimes visit the bistro to eat and a Christmas meal was to be held there until everybody's plans changed. Chrysalis is another regular patron.

After The Battle For Mobius, the Bistro has become one of several Freedom Fighter bases - an underground control centre exists under the restaurant, with the chairs & tables able to lower down into it Thunderbirds style.

The restaurant is named after Buddy, the Drakon who was once Chaos until Super Sonic defeated him. Despite the sign on the front of the building clearly showing a Drakon fish, as well as Buddy residing in a fish tank in the main room, Sonic and the others have not discovered that Chaos is still alive.



  • The design of the Bistro changed heavily between its first and second appearance.
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