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This article is about the Sonic the Comic Online character. For his past as the Chaos creature, see that page.

Buddy is the name given by Big the Cat to a former Drakon Prosecutor that lived for thousands of years as Chaos. Ever since he lost the Chaos energy that made him strong, Buddy has been trying to get this power back but has been continuously thwarted by the bumbling Big.


"Buddy" was originally the Drakon scout sent to investigate ancient Megopolis City to see what threat the Echidna tribe posed and in an attempt to retrieve the Chaos Emeralds. Fortunately, the whole male part of the tribe was out hunting Kohenyu and were able to fight the invader, but proved ineffective. Sonic the Hedgehog had been brought to the past by Tikal so taught the echidnas how to defeat Drakons. The hedgehog twisted Buddy's head around and pulled off the helmet before shoving the warrior in a fish tank. In his new prison, Buddy tortured his fishy tankmates. Later, Pochacamac wished Buddy to pass on a message of peace to his Drakon friends but the Great War began right then. A Sentinel accidentally fired at the Chaos Emeralds and Buddy was left behind. In the blast, the Chaos energy fused with the fish and Buddy became Chaos.

Pso chaos fleetway 6

Chaos, drained of energy, is thrown into a lake by Super Sonic.

Thousands of years later, Chaos returned for a final showdown with the Freedom Fighters. Super Sonic turned up on the scene uninvited and sucked out Chaos body in order for himself to be recharged once again. With no powers, Buddy was easily defeated by Super and was thrown into a pool of crocodiles.

Sonic the Comic Online

It was later discovered that Big had fished him out of the water and kept him as a friend. Sailing across the Emerald Ocean, Buddy demanded that he have a new body to wreak revenge but was squashed into a hug from Big. He later hid in Big's bag after the appearance of Guardian Robots, even after the Floating Island resurfaced and the pair were stuck. Later, in Megopolis City, Buddy convinced Big to push a statue off a tall building, aiming to kill Knuckles the Echidna and to steal the Emeralds being transported by Porker Lewis. The plan failed, so the pair followed Knuckles and Tikal to the Haunted Hill Zone. There, Buddy tried to get the ghost population, once fallen Drakons, to help him in his cause but was foiled by King Boom Boo.

Big and Buddy escaped the Zone but it was implied that the ravenous cat had eaten his friend. This was disproved, as Buddy would later be found in a fish tank at Big's new cafe, Buddy's Bistro. Although no closer to getting a body, Buddy still hides everytime Sonic or his friends eat at the establishment, a common occurence. Before this, Buddy had been absent during Big's problems with The Family.

Scrapped plans

The Ancient Relic Zone in Sonic the Poster Mag 2006 revealed that Ed Reynolds had rather different plans for Buddy. Although Buddy still stuck with Big and was determined to get a new body, their journey took them instead to Flickies' Island. There, Buddy found a door in the Rusty Ruin Zone and hoped that there may be a new suit of armour behind it. Big and Buddy attempted to get Sonic to open the door, something they accidentally managed during a fight with Death-Trap. Buddy, having no idea how to operate a Mobius Ring, left empty-handed when Big rescued Sonic from the villanous trio. Of course, none of this happened as the story was changed.


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