Buddies and Baddies is a giant pin-up split into two parts, the first released in Issue 130 and the next an issue later. The concept sees the beginning of a large battle, the left side containing several Sonic the Comic heroes and the right filled with some of the more memorable villains. The art was provided by Carl Flint.


Notable exclusions include Johnny Lightfoot and Porker Lewis.


Every villain is a recurring character, with the exception of The Leaf.

Sonic the Comic Online

Artist Adamis has produced a number of wallpapers that have been along the same lines as the Buddies and Baddies poster. The closest appeared in Issue 255, with an updated villain roster drawn to match the original poster. Although Zachary, Super Sonic and Nack return, new additions include Metallix and Metallix Mark 3, a Drakon Prosecutor and Shadow the Hedgehog. The poster was coloured by Pete Murphy.

Adamis and Matt Dittmer created a hero wallpaper in the same issue. Split into sections, the poster covers four different factions (The Ultimax, Chaotix Crew, Floating Island and Buddy's Bistro), with Sonic alone in the middle. Adamis also created a series of mugshots of all the current STC-O characters, combined into one poster.

An actual continuation of Issue 255's "Baddies" poster appeared in Issue 256. The characters present are almost identical to the original, although Tekno has been omitted.

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