After his first defeat at the hands of the Freedom Fighters, Commander Brutus began putting his own aspirations of world domination into action. Being programmed with Doctor Robotnik's brain patterns, he had inherited the doctor's ambition and thirst for power. However, to create an army capable of surpassing the doctor's own, he would need to assimilate the mental patterns of Robotnik's chief scientist Grimer. Brutus achieved this goal and immediately began building his own Badniks out of his own secret base in the Misery Zone.

Brutus's Badnik designs differed significantly from Robotnik's, appearing more monstrous and outlandish than the models that were based on different animal and insect forms, and there was rarely more than one of any specific model. A list of Brutus Badniks has been compiled below, their names based on their appearances as most were not officially named in Sonic the Comic.

List of Brutus's Badnik Designs

  • Box-Monster - A box-shaped Badnik with three eye-stalks, two stubby legs and an enormous mouth.
  • Bat Bug - A bat-like creature whose head resembles that of many of Robotnik's insect-based Badniks.
  • Octi - A small, red octopus.
  • Orbinaut F - A Badnik resembling the classic Orbinaut. Instead of mace-balls rotating around it, it has a pair of arms. The F is for 'fists' since the robot has fists with spiked knuckles for battering enemies.
  • Horny - A large, ugly head with fangs and horns jutting from its top and bottom.
  • Goblin Glider - Named as such because this Badnik bears a striking resemblance to the glider used by Spider-Man villain, the Green Goblin.
  • Spider-Moth - The only Badnik on this list to be officially named in STC. See Spider-Moth page for full details.
  • Bonehead - Not to be confused with the Boneheads from Issue 14. Has a skull-shaped head and a blue body.
  • Sharp - Named as such due to being covered in spikes and blades. This thing leads the charge against Robotnik's army at the start of the Revolution.
  • Eel-vil - A flying eel-like robot with four eyes on stalks.
  • Buzz Claw - A robot resembling a Buzz Bomber or Buzzer. It does not have a gun in its tail but a large gripping claw. It fires lasers from its eyes.
  • Red Beetle - A red beetle-shaped Badnik with a hanging lower jaw and a laser attached to its chin.
  • Mini-Mechanik - A robot that somewhat resembles Robotnik's Mekanik robot. This one is only human-sized and not nearly as tough as Sonic destroys it with one attack.
  • Torso Turret - A robot with a humanoid upper body attached to a tank-like base. It has a laser gun attached to its torso.
  • Cobra - A robot cobra.
  • Ball - Literally a white ball with eyes. Basically an Orbinaut that lost its mace-balls.
  • Mega-Masher - A flying piranha Badnik. This robot looks identical to the Mega-Masher seen in Sonic 3's Hydrocity Zone, though this one has eyes.
  • Badnik Amy - A roboticized Amy Rose. Her face looks more insectoid in this form. She is flight-capable and launches arrow-like bolts from launchers on her forearms.
  • Badnik Johnny - A roboticized Johnny Lightfoot. He is flight-capable and does not carry his usual staff, but sports laser blasters on his wrists. Likes to tell his enemies to DIE!
  • Cyclops - A cycloptic robot seen in the Casino Night Zone during the Badnik Revolution. Appears in the Tails story Shock Tactics!
  • Observer - A humanoid robot with what appears to be a telescope sticking out of its head, making his head look like an observatory. It stands amonst several other Brutus Badniks praising Robotnik after Brutus's defeat.
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