Brenda Brikka is the daughter of Coach Brikka, the manager of the Midway Monsters. A stereotypical blonde, Brenda often acts very stupidly and seems quite devoid of intelligence. Even so, she reacts quickly went her father's head is removed by the Dukes of Biohazard and uses a tranquiliser to calm her headless dad down.

Brikka was originally the reward for K.T. Slayer delivering the Coach's head to Zalgor Prigg. Should he complete his mission successfully, Prigg would award Slayer Brenda's hand in marriage (without her prior consent). Slayer finished his job but Prigg changed his mind, aiming to keep Brenda for himself. Slayer got the head again and, this time, proposed a big play-off match - the winner between him and Bones Jackson would get to marry Brenda. The Monsters won the match and Bones, somewhat reluctantly, prepared to marry Brenda.

Brenda apparently has 38-22-36 measurements, as revealed by Bones, although he was actually talking about the football play of the same name.


  • Brenda is wearing a different dress in each appearance, despite not having time to change.


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