For the Amy & Tekno story, see Breakout.

Break Out! is a 2-part Sonic the Hedgehog that appeared in the Sonic Holiday Special 1996, a spin-off from Sonic the Comic.



It's night at Metropolis City High Security Prison, where a familiar figure is waiting to strike. It is where Doctor Robotnik keeps his "political prisoners" before they've turned into Badniks and a Trooper has just spotted four of them out of his cell. Before it can do anything about it, Sonic smashes the robot. Soon, Sonic has reached his destination, but the prisoners have no idea how they're going to get over the massive prison wall. Cue Tails, who descends down and starts flying people out one by one. Although worried about being spotted, Sonic is relieved he's finally found every last one of the Emerald Hill folk. In Citadel Robotnik, Robotnik is furious that he still hasn't found Sonic despite all his spy cameras and is even angrier that he doesn't know where the Emerald Hill folk are. His tirade is interrupted by Grimer, so Robotnik unleashes his foul mood on the scientist. Robotnik strangles Grimer for not having found Sonic yet, although a breathless Grimer is actually trying to say they've found him! Happy again, Robotnik inspects his new Egg Crawler.

On the edge of the Metropolis Zone, Sonic has pulled out one of the Star Posts and charges it up, ready to send his friends to the Mushroom Hill Zone. They thought that Robotnik had destroyed all the Star Posts, but this one remains in Bob Beaky's Travelling Circus. Unfortunately, they've all almost been found by a rampaging Robotnik. As Sonic jumps into battle, Tails hides his friends, hoping that Robotnik hasn't noticed the caravan. Unfortunately, Sonic is quickly captured and, before Tails can rescue him, Sonic is thrown through a brick wall. The fox begins to mourn the passing of his friend... until a yellow glow erupts from the hole. Super Sonic flies out and burts straight into the Egg Crawler. A terrified Robotnik realises that Super is behind him in the cockpit and soon finds himself flying out of the window as the mecha explodes. Super Sonic is unable to find Robotnik to finish him off, so turns his attentions to one of the Emerald Hill folk. Before Tails can stop him, Super smashes into the pig, killing him.

A confused Sonic soon emerges from the crater and Tails reveals what he's done. Sonic panickingly asks which one he killed, Tails telling him. Sonic is suddenly much more relaxed; before he had been thrown through the wall, Robotnik revealed that he had tracked his location using the pig as a homing device - it was a Badnik in disguise. The heroes are aghast when they realise they almost divulged the whereabouts of the Emerald Hill folk to Robotnik. With the crisis over, everyone is ready to head to the Floating Island.


  • This is Nigel Dobbyn's first strip drawing Sonic and is Tim Bollard's only contribution.
  • Sonic finally ends his mission to save all the Emerald Hill folk from prison, a task that began in The Great Escape!.
  • The prisoners reference the events of Day of the Badniks, way back from Issue 4.
  • There was always the possibility that another of the prisoners was also a Badnik.
  • The real pig that was replaced by a Badnik was not mentioned again.


The previous Holiday Special story was Trapped in the Vortex!, although the last original one was Holiday Hot Spot. The next is Sonic vs Shortfuse.

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