Bravehog is a complete Sonic the Hedgehog story that first appeared in Issue 107 of Sonic the Comic. It was later reprinted in Issue 210.



About lunch-time on Mobius, a hooden figure is being chased by a couple of new Badniks but is struggling to get away. Fortunately, Sonic destroys them and frees the Flickies inside, just like every other Wednesday! Sonic presumes that Doctor Robotnik must be extending his reach beyond Flickies' Island but is keen to stop him. The saved citizen asks why Sonic puts his life on the line, so Sonic begins the tale of Bravehog.

600 years ago, the people of Mobius lived in separate tribes for each species of animal. One day, the badger tribe received a rude awakening when hyenas (and their horses, only in it for the oats) invade and destroy their village. The land was ruled by King Leer, a nasty hyena who enjoyed nothing more than crushing smaller tribes. His next target was the stuck-up stag tribe, a group of people who wouldn't help others but were surprised when they became the next victims. In the hedgehog tribe, Bravehog, Sonic's ancestor, attempted to rally his clan to defend other tribes, but they were less than eager to help. Elsewhere, King Leer drafted new laws to stop cats meowing, birds flying and dogs from lifting their leg. Asking why, a dog does exactly what he's been told not to do and the fox tribe is targeted for his insolence.

Soon enough, the fox village was burned down, but not before Bravehog could attack the hyenas. However, the foxes refused to help somebody from another tribe and Bravehog was captured. Later, King Leer arrived to shave off Bravehog's spikes for his disobedience, angering Bravehog into pointing out how many troops he needed to beat one hedgehog. The other tribes see that this is the work of bullies and fight off the hyenas, freeing Bravehog. From that day, the people of Mobius lived together.

Back in the present, the hooded figure is amazed at how "cool" Bravehog was. He then takes off his hood to reveal that he is a hyena descendent, ashamed of his ancestry. Sonic doesn't blame him for what his ancestors did. He also believes he's even cooler than Bravehog.


  • The new breed of Flickies' Island Badniks are seen on mainland Mobius for the first time. These aren't based on any animal, are more colourful and are much easier to destroy.
  • Sonic states that Badnik attacks mainly occur every other Wednesday, referencing the release date of Sonic the Comic.
  • "Flickies'" is misspelled "flickie's".
  • The story is a mix between Braveheart and King Lear.
  • The stag tribe is largely different from the ones that now live in the Coal Creek Zone, although they still live in an insular environment apart from most other species.
  • Cats are punished for meowing, despite that being something Mobian cats wouldn't do. However, a non-anthropomorphic cat is later seen in Return of the Nightmare, suggesting they do exist.
  • This strip is often regarded as one of the worst stories in STC history, with a major gripe being Bravehog's appearance looking nothing like pre-accident Sonic.


The previous Sonic the Hedgehog story was Flickies' Island. The next is The Evil Empire.

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