Art by Nigel Dobbyn

A Brain Scrambler is a device once owned by the Crimson Cobra. The gun is a simple design with just one button, but it has the power to alter a person's thought process and take away all rational control from them.


In 1999, the Crimson Cobra was ready to take over the entire Special Zone. His main obstacle in achieving this goal was the Chaotix Crew. Already a suspicious group in many people's eyes, the Crimson Cobra planned to turn them on each other and confirm a well-established opinion - that Chaotix were dangerously insane.

Cobra's first target was Vector the Crocodile, although he did not use the Brain Scrambler for this, instead sabotaging Vector's experiment in order for him to mutate into a monster. Whilst trying to stop his friend, Mighty the Armadillo was the first to be zapped by the scrambler. This heightened Mighty's feelings of animosity towards Espio the Chameleon, after a brief argument, started brawling with his teammate. Even without being subjected to the device, Espio was more than ready to join in with a scrap. Things got worse when Espio was thrown into the Win A Million dartboard before being struck with the scrambler, doubling his rage. Before long, both of them were captured by the army.

The final piece of the puzzle, Charmy Bee, attempted to flee the clutches of the army (although they were not particuarly worried about him). The bee flew directly into the path of the Crimson Cobra, who fired the Brain Scrambler at the last victim. The snake believed his plan to be a success, not banking with the fact that Charmy was already a little bit mad. The extra dose of brain-addling radiation was enough to give Charmy the daft idea to buy Crimson Cobra Inc., thus leaving the Crimson Cobra with nothing. Baliffs quickly arrived to seize all of the Crimson Cobra's possessions, including, presumably, the Brain Scrambler. Eventually, the effects wore off and Chaotix were freed from prison.


  • The weapon changed from green/red to solid white between issues.


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