Art by Ed Hillyer. Tails is still plugged into the device, Sonic has broken his.

The Brain Drain Machine is a form of mind control created by Dr. Robotnik, which appeared in STC's Issue 17 story, Sonic the Human!.

The Brain Drain Machine places its victims into a hypnotic dream state, showing them nightmarish scenarios that present a submissive solution. The end result is the subject's mind being left blank and open to Robotnik's commands. Sonic the Hedgehog and Miles "Tails" Prower were captured by Robotnik and subjected to the Brain Drain. Sonic's dream scenario showed him to be a human boy by the name of Erin who refused to eat eggs for breakfast. In this dream sequence, Erin knocked himself out trying to break down a fence so he could save his next-door neighbour from some unseen bullies (the shadows that were seen resembled Badniks). Erin woke up in bed unable to move when his mother came in with an egg, which appeared to be rotten. It was only when his mother said "EAT IT, SPIKEBALL!" that Erin realised the truth: he was not a boy who dreamt he was a hedgehog, but the complete oppisite. Having resisted the Brain Drain's mental programming, Sonic broke free of the machine and forced Robotnik to retreat before releasing Tails.

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