Art by Andy Pritchett

A boring machine is a device invented by Tekno the Canary. It is designed to drill through rock at a rapid pace, making it similar to her later Drilling Machine. This iteration is extremely compact, folding several times until it can fit in Tekno's backpack. The creation was originally designed to find underground rock samples.

Tekno's boring machine was lost when it was trapped by a rockfall in the Rocky Valley Zone. She had used to it sneak up on "aliens" Sid and Tone, claiming that it was even better than if they had had Knuckles the Echidna with them. Despite the loss, it was suggested that Tekno may have had a spare boring machine, enabling them to return to the cave and retrieve the ancient treasure.

Amy Rose initially misunderstood the name of the product, believing the term "boring" to mean something uninteresting.


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