Art by Anthony Williams and Steve White.

Bones Jackson is the captain of the Midway Monsters in the Mutant League series. As stand-in leader in the absence of Coach Brikka, Jackson led his team to a Super Bowel XXIV victory and the successful rescue of his employer's head.


Jackson was a well-known football player, with even Zalgor Prigg noting that his team was unbeatable with Bones as captain. However, when Coach Brikka's head was stolen by K.T. Slayer, Jackson was forced to lead his team from the front in an attempt to save the day. An early confrontation saw him come close to a pounding from a mercenary, but was rescued by late arrival The Razor Kid. The two formed an alliance, before Jackson ordered a time-out to discuss the tactics for the forthcoming "play". Jackson then climbed into a tank with Grim and Brenda Brikka, but their vehicle was soon destroyed.

As the game progressed, Bones was interviewed by Bob Chong and revealed that they would lose the game if he couldn't save Brikka's head. The next phase of their rescue attempt saw them accidentally enter the Winter Olympics and eventually tracked down Slayer to Toxicon. There, Jackson witnessed Prigg's double-cross of Slayer but aided him in a plan to break into the headquarters. Jackson was unable to reach Brikka's head before Slayer and was forced to accept a play-off challenge.

Before the subsequent match, Jackson discussed the chances of victory with the Razor Kid, but appeared to not be very confident. The captain took a backseat when the Kid revealed his plan, but was made to climb the Stunticombinaconaformabot. On top, Jackson punched Slayer and reluctantly accepted his prize of marriage to Brenda Brikka.


  • Jackson's eyes gradually changed colour from one part to the next, switching between shades of red and yellow.


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