The Oil Ocean Zone bomb, seven seconds away from total destruction! Art by Richard Elson.

Bombs are explosive devices that are almost always designed to cause structural damage or bodily harm and death. They come in many different styles, from a simple timed concoction to impact, proximity and disguised varieties. They are used everywhere in fiction, usually in the timed version, and are something the heroes often have to diffuse before a great explosion kills them. An entire division of the police force and Army are responsible for disposing off rogue packages and deadly explosives.

Explosives are appeared fairly often in Sonic the Comic, Sonic the Poster Mag and Sonic the Comic Online:

  • Chuck D. Head found a bomb (between issues) in first Decap Attack story Starring Chuck D. Head!. Using matches he had also found (between issues), Chuck lit the bomb and attempted to throw it at attackers Bullhead and Croc. Unfortunately, due to his stupidity and the chaos of the occasion, Chuck managed to throw Head in their direction and put the bomb on his shoulders. Despite Head's protests, the bomb exploded just after Chuck noticed it and ended his second life. Much later, Igor planted a bomb in Chuck's birthday cake but regretted it. Professor Frank N. Stein banished him from the room, believing he was trying to spoil Chuck's birthday again. Fortunately, the blast didn't kill him this time.
  • Explosives were placed on a group of Coconuts Badniks by Kid Cruel in an attempt to disuade Sonic from attacking them. Sonic managed to get them away from the Forest Hills children but almost died in the blast.
  • Mr X planted two bombs onboard the Princess Grace in Streets of Rage strip Skates' Story. His plan was to destroy the ship after it had hosted a party with many non-corrupt officials invited. Things went awry when assistant Warren was knocked out and his helicopter left without him (although it was destroyed by Skates anyway). The vigilantes celebrated the diffusal of the first bomb, unaware that a second bomb was currently strapped to the captain who was strapped to a toilet. Prior to this, Officer Murphy had dropped an incendiary bomb on Hawk's foundry, accidentally trapping Max Hatchet inside.
  • During an excursion to the Miracle Planet, the Freedom Fighters were cornered in the caves by a lone Metallix. Amy Rose used her crossbow to destroy the robot, which gave Sonic an idea. Sonic, Amy and Johnny Lightfoot pretended they had been captured, but the Emperor Metallix realised something was wrong when the Metallix would only speak one sentence. From behind a rock, Porker Lewis detonated the Metallix having turned it into a massive bomb that obliterated almost all of the Metallixes. The Emperor Metallix would live on and create many more models in the next month.
  • In revenge for being turned into a Cybernik, Shortfuse the Cybernik rescued Tekno the Canary from a Badnik Processing Plant in exchange for her building a bomb. This device was used to destroy one of Robotnik's key factories in the Chemical Plant Zone, but Shortfuse was caught in the timed blast when he was forced to fight Metamorphia. His Megatal shell easily protected him, but the debris forced him into the ocean and nearly suffocated him. Fortunately, his jet boots allowed him to escape and the former Badnik headed to Citadel Robotnik to rescue his friend. Upon learning of the bomb, Robotnik removed Metamorphia's shapeshifting powers.
  • The alternate history of Planet Metallix saw the Underground resistance create a bomb to eradicate a squadron of Metallixes. Rob filmed the heroes climbing down a ladder and projected this at the Metallixes, making them believe they were cornered. It was actually a ploy by Doctor Kintobor to make them all stand in one place, under a bomb. The robots realised this soon enough but could not escape the sewers before the blast hit them.
  • A nuclear bomb was deemed to be a mystical piece of magic in the world of Shining Force and was going to be used to free Zeon from his prison. Little did the Zeonites know that detonating the device would probably destroy half of Granseal Island and kill everyone.
  • New Tek City criminal Hammerhead enlisted graduate Oscar the Pig to create a new, clean energy source for the whole of Planet Meridian. However, Oscar soon doubted the reliability of this breakthrough and discovered he was actually in the process of designing a nuclear bomb. Upon learning of this, Oscar destroyed all of his work and fled to Mobius, adopting the name "Porker Lewis".
  • The head of Metal Mate was a plutonium bomb designed to explode if the robot short-circuited. Sonic was faced with this problem after losing Max Gamble, but the sudden appearance of Charmy Bee allowed the hero to fly up and cast the bomb into the skies.

Sonic the Comic Online

  • In Dicing With Death, Family member The Dice planted two bombs in a casino and threatened to detonate them if he should lose too many games of Blacksnap. Unfortunately, Tails was accidentally a genius at the game and moved to blow up the second K-Boom device (Sonic had already diffused one with help from Porker). With no time to remove it, Sonic created a Sonic-Cyclone that contained the blast, even if he almost turned into Super Sonic.
  • Several Mega Mack bombs were used to terrorise Mobius into surrending the Freedom Fighters in Ultimatum and Whodunit?. Sonic soon learned that the culprit was apparently him, although it was later discovered to be a Neo Metallix in disguise.


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