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Boiling Point is a complete Sonic's World story, appearing in Issue 97 of Sonic the Comic.


Script: Lew Stringer
Art: Roberto Corona
Colouring: Steve White
Lettering: Gordon Robson


The Freedom Fighters have invaded a factory in the Chemical Plant Zone, seeking to liberate the slaves and deal with the stock of Toxo Cubes. Shortfuse, however, isn't happy to see that Vermin is in charge of the operation, and launches straight into an attack, giving the Freedom Fighters' position away. As the Cyberniks begin to fight again, the assembled Troopers fire upon the heroes above. The walkway explodes while Johnny is crossing, and he is left hanging on for dear life while Tails and Amy are held captive by a Trooper. Shortfuse ignores Amy's request to save Johnny, continuing to grapple with Vermin. Grabbing his rival's tail, Shortfuse smashes Vermin into the processing machine, giving Tails a chance to break free and rescue Johnny just as the walkway collapses. Vermin and the Troopers teleport away and Amy rounds on Shortfuse for not helping Johnny. Shortfuse claims the mission must take priority and Johnny's safe anyway, but that isn't good enough for Amy, who accuses the Cybernik of being selfish. Annoyed, Shortfuse leaves to fight Robotnik his own way. He's had it coming for a while, and the gang are still sorry to see him go, but sometimes people can only be pushed so far before boiling point.


The previous Sonic's World story was Mock the Doc. The next story was Solidarity.