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Bob is a Plax with his own mind, and a member of the League of Super-Evil Villains. Unlike the rest of his species, Bob was not part of the group mind, and was thusly rejected by his people (who put it down to using some bad Magnaz). This has taken its toll on Bob's well-being and seems to have given him something of a stigma. However, despite his non-conformity, the Plax are supposedly looking for him, though it was never stated why. The threat of his people learning his whereabouts makes good material for blackmailing the hapless Bob, who is terrified of the idea of them finding him. Not being part of a hive mind could explain Bob's apparent lack of intelligence, unless the League just don't deem him important enough to know any of the details. Ultimately not particularly villainous, the naive, simple-minded Bob generally seems to be pretty harmless, but letting him get his curious hands on a weapon is definitely not a good idea.


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