The circus, during a show. Art by Casanovas.

Bob Beaky's Travelling Circus served as the Freedom Fighters' home and operational base following the discovery and destruction of Kintobor's Laboratory. The members of the Freedom Fighters used the external guise of a wandering troupe of entertainers to move freely about Mobius beneath the notice of badnik patrols and border guards. All of the gang assumed disguises when performing to Mobian audiences (with Sonic, as Bob Beaky, leading the shows as ringmaster), which was important for giving the populace a little relief from the choking oppression of RBR. The Circus was distinguished by its lead vehicle, an electrically self-propelled horse-carriage in which the Freedom Fighters lived.

The Circus was the Freedom Fighters' longest-lasting base during RBR, being used from Issue 38 to Issue 81. It finally shut up shop when it was devastated during one of Super Sonic's rampages. With little left salvageable from the burnt-out wreckage of the circus caravan - even the Freedom Fighters' biplane was destroyed - the Freedom Fighters decamped to Tekno's laboratory, where they kept their headquarters until The Final Victory removed the need to keep their location secret.


  • The interior proportions of the circus carriage changed wildly between instalments of the comic.