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Hiding in plain sight.

Bob Beaky is Sonic the Hedgehog's alter-ego, which he assumes whenever he needs to travel incognito or infiltrate a public area. The disguise is comprehensive, completely concealing Sonic's body within a green ushanka and duffel coat, yellow-checked scarf, grey boots and mittens, wraparound shades, and false beak - the clothes were occasionally exchanged for a ringmaster's costume whenever Bob Beaky's Travelling Circus was conducting a performance. Bob's personality was also a stark contrast to Sonic's, being affable and approachable and more importantly a happy and eager citizen of Mobius RBR, excited to be caught along the surging wave of Robotnik's radical new order. His effectivness at being engaging in this alternate persona leads us to suggest that Sonic himself could probably be a less abrasive character, except that he doesn't want to be...

After the end of RBR Sonic no longer had any need to conceal his presence and Bob Beaky was discarded as redundant. However, after he was framed as a villain by Neo Metallix and Grimer, Sonic took up the identity once more to avoid attracting attention to himself (although given the depressing circumstances he lacked the ability to keep up Bob's chirpy demeanour anymore). His cover is no longer perfect - Sonic dropped his disguise in front of a bystander when he had to protect Mobians from a Badnik attack during The Battle For Mobius, although he had previously done so at an awards ceremony and in the middle of the Emerald Hill Zone. Unfortunately, as of recently, Sonic's cover as Bob Beaky has been completely exposed.

Beaky was one of the Sonics sent to the future to do battle with nine incarnations of Robotnik thanks to the Emperor Metallix and Pirate Omni-Viewer. Beaky did not have discard his disguise despite being attacked by Robotnikat, but the past versions of Robotnik would now surely know who Beaky was.



Note Bob in the bottom-left corner.

  • Bob Beaky made a non-canon appearence in the Archie Sonic the Hedgehog comics issue #134, during Mina's concert.

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