Art by Roberto Corona and John M Burns

The Blueberry Hill Zoneis a green, hilly Zone on Mobius. Despite the name, no blueberries have been seen to grow there.


In 1999, determined haters of Fabian Vane decided to eject the singer from Mobius by sending him on an "Around the Dimensions" tour through the Ring of Eternity. To do this, a number of people posing as Fabian's fans visited the Snowcap Mountain Zone and, for some reason, transported the Ring to the Blueberry Hill Zone. Before Fabian could begin his tour, Amy Rose and Tekno the Canary emerged through the Ring in its new location and warned Vane from going into danger.

Angered that the heroes had saved Vane's life, the crooks began a fight against the girls. A burly gorilla mistook villain Max Gamble as a friend of the heroes and attempted to punch him, but missed and struck the Ring of Eternity. The blow sent the artifact rolling down the hill and crashing into pieces on a rock at the bottom. The mob departed, but Amy and Tekno enlisted Gamble and Vane to rebuild the Ring. After it was reconstructed, the Ring's magical powers enabled it to fix itself completely, ending Amy and Tekno's visit through the planets.


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