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Bleed is a character from the Sonic the Comic Online story In Cold Blood.

I REALLY like this silverware....

A member of The Family, Bleed was responsible for a number of burglaries in the wealthy Eldorado Zone. Conducting all of his crimes on the same street, the insect made it easy for the police and the Freedom Fighters to find him, giving him the opportunity to use his "crazy powers"; Bleed was particularly good at lowering his foes' blood temperature to a critically cold level, something that nearly killed Amy Rose. His secondary ability pumped his enemy full of adrenaline, raising heart activity to a dangerous limit.

Bleed's cockiness was his downfall. Insistent on sticking to his rigid pattern and often talking about his motives, Tails was able to deduce that his powers only affected warm-blooded individuals. The fox summoned a motley crew of cold-blooded reptiles, ghosts and robots to beat up a useless Bleed.

The disgraced Family member was moved to a prison guarded only by reptiles, unable to use his powers. On his last appearance, he was awaiting his sentence, although it was presumed to be a lengthy one.