Blackbot the Pirate is one of the few new models of Badnik created when Dr. Robotnik returned to Mobius as a Drakon proxy in Issue 250 of Sonic the Comic Online. It is humanoid, wears a red shirt and tri-corner hat and has a cutlass on one arm. This robot is seen fighting Simpson the Cat in Scourge Bay during The Battle For Mobius. It is unknown what happened to Blackbot; considering Simpson's ineptitude at fighting and Captain Plunder being under The Curse of King Akotek, Blackbot's mission may have been quite successful.

Blackbot was originally a one-shot character from the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon. He appeared in the episode Blackbot the Pirate, the first part of the four-part Chaos Emerald saga. His inclusion was apparently down to Stiv, who was also responsible for pencilling Blackbot's panel. It was inked and coloured by Matthew Allen Smith.

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