Bio-Hazard (116)

Bio-Hazard arrives on Mobius in search of Super Sonic.

is a mean, brutish robot (or possibly cyborg) who works for Lord Sidewinder. He appears as a squat, hunchbacked, vaguely humanoid machine with crimson-coloured torso plating, orange plating on his head and limbs and a green-coloured lower jaw. While he possesses great strength and toxic powers, his intellect is sorely lacking. He first appears in Issue 85, in the story "Heroes & Villains".


Bio-Hazard made his first appearance in Issue 85 when Lord Sidewinder introduced Sonic the Hedgehog to his gang. Bio-Hazard attempted to fight Super Sonic when the demonic hedgehog betrayed Sidewinder. When the Chaotix Crew arrived on the scene, Bio-Hazard attacked Espio the Chameleon by spewing toxic waste from his mouth. As the Omni-Viewer sealed Super Sonic within itself, Bio-Hazard and the rest of the Sidewinder gang escaped.

The Sidewinder gang appeared again in STC #88 when they infiltrated Chaotix's home base in order to abduct the Omni-Viewer and the suspended Super Sonic. During a brief conflict with Sonic, Bio-Hazard attacked with his toxic vomit, but missed Sonic and struck Lord Sidewinder, prompting the gang into making a hasty retreat.

Bio-Hazard appeared again with his cohorts during the three-part story "Doomsday". He believed that Lord Sidewinder had gone mad and that standing so close to the exploding Black Asteroid would kill them all. Despite this, he fought against Sonic and the Chaotix Crew when they arrived to stop Sidewinder; he was knocked out by Mighty the Armadillo.

The Sidewinder gang made their last true appearance in Issues 116 to 118 in the three-part story, "Hunter & The Hunted". Bio-Hazard was teleported to Mobius with instructions to track down Super Sonic and bring him back to Lord Sidewinder. He found Super at Ebony's coffee lounge The Groovy Train and tore the place apart trying to get to his quarry. Ebony kept Bio-Hazard at bay with an illusionary spell, making it appear there were multiple Super Sonics present. Although strictly ordered not to do so by Sidewinder, Bio-Hazard used his toxic vomit to try and take down the Super Sonics, only realising they were illusions once they had vanished. Bio-Hazard had Super Sonic, Ebony and Pyjamas cornered in Ebony's office, but was teleported back to the Special Zone before he could grab Super Sonic. He was then arrested along with the rest of Sidewinder's gang by the New Tek Police.

Powers and abilities

Bio-Hazard is very tough and durable. It is not known what kind of attacks can actually cause him significant damage as he has been shown to take direct blows from Sonic's Super Spin Attack and punches from Mighty without being
Bio-Hazard (88)
smashed. He can also release toxic chemicals from his mouth like vomit to poison or even dissolve people.


  • Nothing has been revealed regarding Bio-Hazard's origins, so it is not known if he is truly a robot or a cyborg.
  • Since he can vomit toxic waste, it's possible that Bio-Hazard could be nuclear-powered. If that's the case, destroying him would be extremely difficult without risking a nuclear explosion.
  • Bio-Hazard and the Sidewinder gang briefly appeared in Issue 130, "Showdown". Doctor Robotnik - who had become a god after absorbing the power of the Chaos Emeralds - had remade reality so that Chaotix never existed and Lord Sidewinder had conquered the Special Zone. Bio-Hazard and Mr. Fry beat up Sonic when Robotnik took his powers, then Robotnik turned the Sidewinder gang to stone when Sidewinder whispered to Lightmare that he wanted to steal Robotnik's powers.
  • Bio-Hazard's current status is unknown. It's most likely that he and the Sidewinder Gang all perished when Shadow destroyed the Special Zone in Sonic the Comic Online's Issue 233.

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