Art by Mike Hadley and John M Burns

Bim and Bom were a pair of Nicenik Moto Bugs (albeit very different from their game counterparts, more resembling a Buzzer) from the Green Hill Zone.


Initially Badniks, Bim and Bom may have been among a group of robots destroyed by Sonic the Hedgehog and infected with a virus created by Porker Lewis. If they weren't, the virus managed to spread to them before B.A.R.F. could arrive to delete the problematic files. Whilst they were working, neither B.A.R.F. nor a watching Trooper were able to stop Bim and Bom from escaping.

The new Niceniks now had programming that told them not to fight Sonic. Instead, their new mission appeared to be to inspect "perfect flowers", counting 982 in their first day of existence. Unfortunately, other Moto Bugs failed to share their enthusiasm for this hobby; when a Badnik destroyed several flowers with its rocket pack, Bim and Bom took their revenge, smashing the Badnik between themselves and left it badly misshapen. Meanwhile, Cam and Bert were attempting to find Bim and Bom, using a Triple-S to locate the Niceniks. After several failed attempts, the Niceniks attacked the villains when the Barfmobile destroyed many flowers. Cam suggested retreat, but Bert damaged one of the Niceniks with his Number One Hammer, the other one crashing into the ship. Bim and Bom flew away, with B.A.R.F. in pursuit. With both of them damaged, the Niceniks hoped to avoid detection at the base of a cliff, but were discovered and destroyed by Cam and Bert.

The attack had scattered Bim and Bom's remains, making it impossible to repair them. Instead, Bert forced both rabbit organic batteries into one shell, whilst Cam removed the virus.


  • They resemble the Buzz Bomber units more than a Motobug. Coincidentally, the concept of an allied Buzz Bomber would be revisited in Sonic Boom with Bea.


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