Art by Nigel Kitching

Billy No-Friends is the nephew of Igor, a resident of Castle Frank N. Stein.


Towards the end of 1996, Billy was one of many guests to be invited to Professor Frank N. Stein's New Year's Eve fancy-dress party (and the only to actually attend). However, he failed to bring a costume (not realising the nature of the party) and ate the cake he brought as a present. Billy then continued to be hungry, scoffing an entire plate of mince pies before moving on to devouring every item of food on the table. Taking things too far, Billy impatiently ate Frank but spat him out (sans Mr Cuddle Bunny outfit). He was soon thrown out of the castle, with Frank cancelling the festivities shortly after.

At midnight, Igor thanked Billy for meddling and preventing Igor from having to wear a woodland creature outfit. He then provided his nephew with enough money to buy a pizza.


  • Billy's name is an unsubtle play on "Billy No Mates (or Friends), literally somebody that has no friends. This is often shortened to a "billy".


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