Oh, it's a windy and sunny day...

Big the Cat Hits the Road!
is a complete Sonic's World story which appeared in Issue 259 of Sonic the Comic Online.



From the Casino Night Zone, Don Long-Legs and his Family associates go over the 'relief' operation, a ploy to generate cash and 'personal favours' for the mob. The meeting, currently being chaired by Alphonse, is suddenly interrupted when they learn of a Badnik attack upon the Seaside Hill Zone and the Don orders that 'Little Friend' be deployed.

Meanwhile, in Buddy's Bistro, Big the Cat is being ordered by his irate boss to deliver a pizza to Seaside City Zone. Big is being remarkably slow on the uptake though, and only fully grasps the order when the boss starts throwing kitchenware at him. On his way out, he bumps into Harvestman who's come to pick up a special delivery for the boss, and soon Big is on the road, going over his mission in his head (and bungling it up). He then decides it's a great time to go over his map, despite not knowing how to read one, and after a lorry driver calls him out on this move, he then realises he doesn't even know how to ride his scooter. Naturally, he immediately crashes, causing a massive explosion and is sent flying. On the bright side, his map now makes a lot more sense to him. He conveniently lands where he's supposed to, but a few seconds later realises that he's lost the pizza as it sails over his head.

Meanwhile on the coast, the Seaside Hill Zone Leader isn't happy with the help Don Long-Legs has sent, in the form of....a pizza. The Zone Leader flings it away in frustration, only for it to collide with Big's 'special delivery', causing a huge Badnik obliterating explosion, which leaves the Family representatives and locals stunned. Herne personally puts the explosion down to the jalapenos.


  • Big has rode a scooter before, in Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing. However his ride of choice in this story has a plain purple theme. He can be seen riding the in-game model on the cover of the issue this story featured in.
  • This story marks the first physical appearance of Big's boss at the bistro.
  • Bark the Polar Bear of Sonic the Fighters makes his Sonic the Comic debut as the lorry driver.
  • Ray the Flying Squirrel makes his third STC cameo on page 2 but, unlike Bark, is still not speaking.
  • Several Badniks from Sonic Unleashed are introduced, including Interceptor, Thunderball and the regular model of Spinner.


This strip was highly received by readers on both the Message Zone and on Facebook. People praised the vibrant art of Adamis and Murphy, but were welcoming of the slapstick nature of Big's adventure, largely following up from his debut in Kill Big.

In the STC 50 feature, in which readers voted on their favourite stories, "Hits the Road" was nominated in the "Best Laugh" category and won. Within the same feature, L.T. Fletcher commented that, although he preferred How Big the Cat Saved Christmas, Fletcher noted that "everyone on the team" loved this strip ("and rightly so").


The previous Sonic's World story was Lockdown. The next story was The Christmas Shift.

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