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Hey, big guy.

Big the Cat is a large, anthropomorphic feline first introduced in Sonic the Comic. Not particularly bright, but with a good sense of right and wrong, Big is really just a normal peaceful guy trying to make his way in the world. Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to be too lucky, and seems to have a habit of stumbling into bad situations, though one of his most recent ones has turned out to be pretty beneficial in the long run. While in the games, Big's best friend and companion is a frog named Froggy, in Sonic the Comic Online he is often seen with the Drakon formerly known as Chaos, who Big has named Buddy.

Early appearances

Big made his first appearance in Point of No Return!, where he was quietly fishing somewhere outside Robotnik's Retreat. His fishing was interrupted by Chaos, who had returned to his Drakon form and been unceremoniously flung out of the ruined retreat by a rejuvenated Super Sonic, luckily landing in the pool where Big was fishing. Big fished Chaos out of the pool, and soon after departed, taking the Drakon with him.

He returned in Sonic the Comic Online, rowing across the Emerald Ocean with Chaos, who he was calling Buddy. Big regarded his new friend with nothing but love, and seemed to be trying to teach him manners, as he was ranting and raving about regaining a body. Big insisted that the Drakon didn't need a body as Big would always be his friend. Their little chat was cut short by the arrival of 3 Echidna Guardian Robots, who raised the sunken Floating Island up from beneath them, leaving Big and Buddy atop a glacier in the Ice Cap Zone.

Haunted Hill Zone

They found their way down to the ruins of Megopolis City, where Buddy ordered Big to drop a statue upon Knuckles, Porker and Tikal to steal the Chaos Emeralds. Big's gentle nature turned him off the idea, especially since Buddy was being particularly abusive, but when the Drakon tried a different tack, asking nicely, Big was so touched he instantly pushed the statue off the ledge. It missed, but the heroes were distracted by a burst of light from the Emerald Chamber and a violent explosion. In the confusion, Porker was kidnapped and the Emeralds stolen, but Big stepped in to help, having seen the thief.

Big accompanied Knuckles and Tikal to the Haunted Hill Zone, his mind divided: Knuckles wanted to get the Emeralds back, but so did Buddy, not to mention Big was getting hungry. He told Knuckles how he came to be on the Island, mentioned how he saw Rouge grab Porker and the Emeralds, and was accompanied by some Badniks. But when the train suddenly went off the rails thanks to one of the Badniks, Big fell into the ravine with the train. He survived, but Buddy made his move: trying to motivate the Zone's ghosts into helping him, thinking they were Drakon spirits. The ghosts, unfortunately were loyal only to King Boom Boo, who Rouge had summoned. Big and Buddy made it out of the caves, Big's mind on his hunger again. Buddy's further ranting was interrupted by Big eyeing him hungrily, licking his lips...

Encountering The Family

Big made his way off the Floating Island, after supposedly eating Buddy, and found himself in Metropolis City, starving and broke. He found some relief by scoffing the entire open buffet at a Family wedding, but soon found himself in major trouble: Morris Roach, the father of the bride ordered a hit on Big's head. The cat outran the mobsters, but was cornered by Harvestman, who shot him at point blank range. Luckily, being a cat, Big has lightning fast reflexes: He caught the bullet, and proceeded to attack Harvestman, before hitching a ride on a passing bus. The Family caught up to him, and made him an offer: If he worked for them for two years, they would clear his debt to them. Big wanted nothing to do with the mob and refused. The Family tried to assassinate the cat again via ninja grasshoppers, and he held his own remarkably well, until Herne showed up and hurled Big through the restaurant's skylight. When Big came to, he was surrounded by mobsters who repeated their offer, which Big accepted. Thus Big entered the employ of the Family, as a chef which he seems to be very good at.

While initially working under someone, Big would go on to own the restaurant, calling it Buddy's Bistro, and operating as owner, head chef and waiter, not to mention keeping Buddy in the establishment's large fish tank, among other fish. He seems to be happy there, but does struggle in a few areas: Taking messages, remembering things after eating and basic spelling, not to mention the fact that he doesn't seem to know how to make coffee, despite being a good chef. Big took part in The Battle For Mobius, using his fighting skill against the invading Badniks, and has allowed the Zonerunners to use Buddy's Bistro as their primary base.

It can be safely assumed that Big is continuing to work in his restaurant, and continues to shelter the Zonerunners in their battle against Dr Robotnik.